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Get the most out of your blend! We stock Plenty & Volcano vaporizers, the best on the market. Vaporizers don't combust your blend of choice but heat it to the optimum temperature causing them to turn to water vapour. Nothing beats the efficiency when getting the most from your blend. Nor can the health factor be beaten from vaporizing your herbs, rather than burning them. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back.
A great investment.

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  1. Volcano classic set

    Volcano classic set


    Full Kit - Including ready to use bag and length for 3 more, Plastic Grinder included.
    These have been tried and tested and have stood the test of time.
    The most acurate and best made vaporizers on the market, with the original temperature control. Comes with SOLID or EASY Valve. Please specify upon ordering.
    These are the most efficiant vaporizers on the market.
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  2. Da kube portable vaporizer

    Da kube portable vaporizer


    Designed for portable use and made with natural wood. Parts are compatible with the Magic Flight, as this is modelled after the famous “Magic Flight” and comes at a more affordable price.
    -Da Kube Portable Vaporizer
    -2 Rechargeable Batteries
    -2 Battery Caps
    -Battery Charger
    -Cleaning Brush
    -Glass Draw Stem
    -Travel Bag

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  3. Discreetvape puffit vaporizer

    Discreetvape puffit vaporizer


    The most discrete vaporizer available. It's distinctive design imitates an asthma inhaler, allowing you to use it in almost any situation.
    Its internal microprocessor and redundant temperature sensors allow for even and accurate heating. A temperature wheel allows you to easily select a setting between 1 and 8. (1 being 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 8 being 450). The Puffit is easy to keep charged anywhere as it charges directly from USB. The device also has an auto off function to prevent overheating and to make sure the device is never left on accidentally.
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  4. Da vinci vaporizer

    Da vinci vaporizer


    The world's most advanced pocket vaporizer. With its sleek, stylish design. Enjoy battery-powered vaping. 
    With it's 3 recharge internal lithium ion batteries, the DaVinci the perfect on-the-go aromatherapy device. 
    Just charge it up, pack it into your luggage, purse, backpack or gym bag and you're ready to head out and take it with you. The adjustable temperature gives you flexibility for your aromatherapy needs. with a heat up time of approximately a minute and a half.
    Worried about letting your DaVinci sit and drain the battery while it's not in use? Our 10 minute cut off switch will turn off the heating element after 10 minutes of inactivity and save your battery life. Included with your DaVinci Vaporizer: Battery Charger 3 Flexi-Straws 3 replacement screens Illustrated instructional manual Temperature
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  5. Arizer solo vaporizer

    Arizer solo vaporizer


    A lithium battery powered portable vaporizer and is considered one of the best vaporizers on the market. Manufactured Arizer.
    Features such as:
    a ceramic heater
    an all-glass mouthpiece.
    a borosilicate glass herb bowl.
    Plus an LED indicator shows the current temperature. Turn your Solo off and then back on and the Solo will remember your last temperature setting, battery backup.
    The Arizer Solo has 7 preset temperatures:
    1: 122°F ( 50°C)
    2: 365°F (185°C)
    3: 374°F (190°C)
    4: 383°F (195°C)
    5: 392°F (200°C)
    6: 401°F (205°C)
    7: 410°F (210°C)
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  6. Vaporfection vivape2 vaporizer

    Vaporfection vivape2 vaporizer


    Out of stock

    The viVape 2™ is cleaner, healthier than anything experienced before. Known for being the quietest and fastest delivery system in the industry.
    Features include: new enclosures and visuals, updated glass-on-glass heating element, updated touchscreen LCD control, new internal heating temperature control, improved dual voltage 110-240 filtering and operation, and full International certifications.
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  7. I-dragon vaporizer

    I-dragon vaporizer


    The high powered LED torch attachment not only disguises the device but will also come in very handy in a camping situation. It's easily interchangeable with the herb chamber.
    Powered by three 2400mAh 3.7v batteries and is rechargable via the power inlet on the device. This makes the device silent. (power lead included)
    The spike on the internal heating plate allows the heat to disperse even throughout the chamber, ensuring that the device is very economical..
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  8. The plenty vaporizer

    The plenty vaporizer


    The PLENTY Vaporizer
    From the manufacturors of the Volcano. 
    This portable hand-held vaporizer is a well made bit of kit with high quality materials and build. 
    Comes with a grinder and 3 year guarantee. 
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  9. Volcano digit set

    Volcano digit set


    Out of stock

    The Full Digital Kit.
    The most acurate and best vaporizers on the market.
    With Digital temperature control, giving a more accurate control.
    All materials used are of the highest quality and are odourless. 
    These are the most efficiant vaporizers on the market. 
    In SOLID or EASY Valve. Please specify when ordering.
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  10. C - Vapor 2.0

    C - Vapor 2.0


    C - Vapor 2.0 Learn More

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