How to Vape – What You Need to Know

October 1, 2018 ICEHEADSHOP

Learning how to vape is much easier than what it seems, and in this article, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to how to vape. To learn how to vape appropriately, you must first be familiar with what can be vaped, and the devices needed to do so. First, let's look at the different types of vaping possible today.

Types of Vaping

Vaping E-liquid- E-liquid comVapees in two different forms. Most e-liquid contains nicotine with or without flavour additives and is vaped instead of smoking a cigarette. Other e-liquids are nicotine-free and vaped merely for flavour. E liquids or e-juice as it is commonly called that contain nicotine typically come in 6 different strengths ranging from 0 to 24 mg of nicotine per millilitre of e-juice.

Dry Vaping- This type of vaping involves utilising dry herb material. Dry vaping is typically done using a desktop unit or portable device which you will learn more about below. Dry herb vaping generally is referring to vaping dried hemp flower, but other herbs and tobacco can also be vaped in this manner.

Vaping CBD Oil- CBD oil has grown in popularity in the recent years, and one of the most common consumption methods is through vaping. Vaping CBD oil is typically done utilising a portable device, which you will learn more about below.

Different Types of Vaping Devices and Components

Now that you know about the different products that you can vape let's look at the various types of devices needed to do so.

E-Cigarette- An e-cigarette is a tiny disposable device that looks similar to a regular cigarette. These devices are typically small electronic components that contain a pre-filled pen with a built in atomiser that requires no buttons for activation and are utilised simply by taking a drag similar to how you would puff a cigarette.

Vape Pen- Vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes however they are typically much more powerful and larger. Vape pens usually have a longer battery life and are utilised with tanks that you fill with an e-liquid or CBD oil of your choice.

Pre-filled Cartridges- Pre-filled cartridges are simply cartridges that are pre loaded with a vapeable liquid such as CBD oil that can be simply screwed onto a battery suited for the cartridge.

Empty Cartridges- There are also empty cartridges that can be utilised for vaping on several different devices that you can load with your choice of e-liquid or CBD oil available at most smoke shops and online at Ice Headshop.

Atomizer, Coils - Coils are an essential part of almost every vaping device. These components have to be replaced in most devices on a regular basis as they tend to wear out with use. Coils are typically activated in vaporizing devices by pressing a button which in return heats the atomizer coil allowing you to vape the product in your cartridge or vaping device. Some vaping devices such as e cigarettes do not require the coil to be replaced as they are pre-installed and designed to last for the longevity of the pre-filled tank & are then disposed.

How to Vape – Getting Started

Now that you know more about the products and devices for vaping let's look at how to vape safely and responsibly for the best results and experience. There is one thing that matters the most when it comes to learning how to vape and that is the type of device that you are utilizing.

How to Vape with an E-Cigarette

If you are vaping on an e-cigarette that is pre-filled with a nicotine e-juice or CBD oil typically all you have to do to vape is simply place your lips around the mouthpiece and take a drag.

How to Vape with a Vape Pen or Personal Vaporizer

Vaping with vape pens or personalized vaporizers require a few more steps. When vaping with these types of devices the first thing to do is to make sure that you have a fully functional atomizer coil installed. To learn how to install the atomizer coil for your specific device, it is best to refer to the user manual, all pens come with the correct atomizer coil so there is no danger of getting it wrong.

Once you have ensured that your atomizer coil is installed correctly you will need to fill the empty tank with a CBD vape or vape juice of your choice. When utilizing an empty tank and adding an e-juice of your choice you will need to fill the tank to its appropriate level and wait approximately 15 to 20 minutes to allow the cotton in the tank to soak up the juice.

Once this is complete you can just screw the tank to your vape device or simply enjoy once the tank is filled. Once your device is ready and loaded with an e liquid or oil of your choice you will want to turn on or unlock the device. Once the device is on you will want to make sure that it is set at the lowest recommended setting which you can find in the user manual.

Once the settings are appropriately set merely place your lips on the mouthpiece while also pressing the button on the vaporizer at the same time and breathe in. That’s it! You’re vaping!

How to Vape with Dry Herb (Dry Vaping)

When dry vaping whether it is dried hemp herbs or dried tobacco you will want to make sure that your herbs are fully ground before adding them to the vaporiser tank that came with the device. When utilizing these types of vaping devices, it is essential that you remember that the vaporizer is essentially working like an oven. Vaping dry herb requires you to wait a few seconds in between each drag to allow the vapor to form inside of the device from the dry herb. When vaping dry herb, it is recommended to hold your hit as long as possible to allow as much of the vapour as possible to be absorbed into your body.

Things to Remember When You Start Vaping

When you are new to vaping or transitioning from smoking the sensation of vapor entering your lungs may seem a little harsh at first. Often people who are new to vaping will also sneeze or cough after taking a drag. Until you are used to vaping and used to the sensation of vapor in your lungs, it is best to stick with a low power setting and take smaller hits. Once you are comfortable utilizing your vape setup, it’s recommended that you play around with different settings, inhale methods, and airflow options until you find what works best for you.


We hope that this article helped to take some of the confusion out of the topic when it comes to how to vape. No matter what device or products you utilize it is always best to do more research into the specific suggestions offered by the manufacturer for using those devices and products. For all of your vaping, liquid, and CBD vape oil needs visit Ice Headshop today!


The information listed above is general information pertaining to vaping. There are no medical studies that solidify that vaping is medically safer than smoking. This information is for personal use and education only and should not be considered medical advice.

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