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Blanket ban on psychoactives has been indefinitely delayed
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Blanket ban on psychoactives has been indefinitely delayed

Posted: April 01, 2016

...yet it looks like it'll be enforced in May

As you will have seen by now, the government was planning on passing a (ridiculous) blanket ban on psychoactive substances which was due to come into full effect on the 6th of April. Under the act, anyone supplying, manufacturing or exporting these substances could face seven years in prison, yet possession will not be illegal so dont be afraid to stock up. The Home Office has now released a statement to say that the ban has been postponed for at least a month. Why? Well, because it’s unenforceable.

The evidence

They say it’s due to come into force in the springtime of this year, however legal and medical advisors have told the Tories that the ban is poorly written (duh) and will be ineffective. The Irish have their very own version of the ban which was introduced in 2010. It didn’t solve their problems though, instead it led to a very dramatic increase of synthetic drug usage of up to 22% of the teenage population and the country now has the highest overall rate of usage in the EU. It’s clear the Tories didn’t look at the facts at all and instead listened to the oh-so tantalizing words of Theresa May, the pleasure killer.

Why is it unenforceable?

The legislation that they’re looking to pass would ban any substance that is intended for human consumption capable of producing a hallucinatory, psychoactive experience. However the exact definition of ‘psychoactive substance’ is a very tricky one to make. If they were to ban all substances under this category, everyday items such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine would also be banned. The ban will have a long list of special exemptions from the rule for the need to define what is psychoactive and what is not. In turn this will make the law very difficult to enforce as it will depend upon each individual situation. Each ‘criminal’ case will require a qualified medical expert with experience to be able to prove the psychoactivity. In short, the government need to set up a fool-proof testing system in place before they enforce the act.

How does this affect you?

Until the ban comes into place, ICE will still be selling all of our products. The government and police must give allow at least 21 days’ notice before the act will be enforceable, so we’ll let you know in plenty of time when you can get your last big order in on your favourites! "Please note we do not market our products as Legal Highs, ALL of our products are for research purposes & strictly not for human consumption"