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Cannabis Seeds Come in Many Different Varieties
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Cannabis Seeds Come in Many Different Varieties

Posted: May 15, 2019

Cannabis seeds are the source for quality cannabis that people not only grow, they collect. No matter whether you are growing cannabis seeds or collecting them, there are a lot of them to choose from. Not only are there a lot of them to choose from they come in a multitude of different varieties. There are regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Some people even work with ruderalis cannabis seeds, though this is typically done by breeders. Then you have the same genetics offered by many different companies. It's always suggested to go with a reputable company that offers a large selection of cannabis seeds not just a handful.

Typically, these companies work directly with seed banks that have the ability to obtain consistent quality cannabis seed genetics. If you are a cannabis seed collector, then you're going to want as many different varieties of cannabis seeds as possible. If you are a grower you are going to want to pick a cannabis seed that you can work with according to your skill level. It takes a lot of planning to do even a small grow successfully. The plant itself pretty much grows like a weed but does require things such as sugars, food, light, and water in the proper amounts in order to reach its full potential.

Once you've determined your skill level as a grower you all be ready to pick out a seed or various seeds with ease. Seed lineage helps to provide an inside look at plant characteristics and the difficulty of growing a specific seed. It's important to factor in seed lineage information when determining what type of cannabis seed or seeds you're looking to purchase.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

All cannabis seed start as regular cannabis seeds. They then become feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds thanks to experienced geneticists and breeders. A regular cannabis seed was the preferred seed stock for many home growers and collectors for years. Growers particularly loved regular cannabis seeds because they will produce more seeds. If you know what you're doing, you can continue to grow for many years from one batch of regular cannabis seeds. With regular cannabis seeds you must determine the sex of the plant after they have popped. You will want to remove males and keep females. This can sound like an intimidating process but with a little bit of research, and practice, it is quite simple to determine.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When you're looking to take the guesswork out of growing, feminized cannabis seeds are the way to go. Or should I say they are the way to grow! Feminized cannabis seeds are 99.9% guaranteed to produce female plants. This means that you can predict more precisely the size of your grow and other important factors. It seems that with today's cannabis seed market feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds are becoming so popular that it's hard to find regular cannabis seeds. If you're a seed collector, you may want to factor this in when you run across a pack of regular seeds. You might want to scoop them up because they might not be there tomorrow.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis, not everyone is a pro. Some have a much easier time with this process than others. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great alternative for growers looking for fast yields or growers without a lot of experience. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are born in the flowering stage. They crave as much light as they can get. It's not unheard of for autoflowering cannabis seeds to eat 18 to 22 hours of light a day. Typically, the seeds have a 45-day calendar cycle making them a favourite with dispensaries. Many of the dispensary grows are on a 45-day calendar. The advantage of autoflowering cannabis is you’re guaranteed to get bud. However, the yield is not as good typically as it is from feminized or regular cannabis seeds.

Popular Cannabis Seeds

Pretty much any cannabis seed is a popular cannabis seed. With that being said there are some that are in higher demand than others. Legendary strains like Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies, Kush, Northern Lights, and Flo are some of the most popular varieties of cannabis seeds. These are all seeds that have won countless awards and are known for exquisite flavour and cannabinoid profiles. There is another variety of cannabis seed becoming very popular too. That variety is CBD cannabis seeds. Popular cannabis strains rich in CBD like Harlequin, Cannatonic, Great White Shark, and Amnesia Haze are starting to attract growers and collectors as more people are learning of the hempsational potentials this less psychoactive cannabinoid has to offer.