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Choosing The Best CBD Gifts For Family And Friends
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Choosing The Best CBD Gifts For Family And Friends

Posted: December 15, 2020

For many of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate, come together and show appreciation for our friends and loved ones. It is also the time of year where we frantically try to find Christmas gifts and presents that everyone will like and enjoy.

It can definitely be hard to tick all of the boxes but if you know someone who is a fan of CBD, then why not treat them to one or more high quality, lab tested CBD products for the New Year? CBD is a natural food supplement famed for its reported health benefits, such as reducing stress and helping with pain relief. It is often used for sports recovery and for cosmetic reasons as well, so with a range of applications, it appeals to a wide range of people.

What is CBD?

If you yourself don’t know about CBD, it’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found within hemp that can be extracted for human use. Otherwise known as cannabidiol, it can be used to manufacture a huge variety of personable products and stocking fillers: And of course our popular CBD gifts and gift boxes. With a huge variety of products from trusted brands emerging in the last few years, you can pick from a whole host of effective and reputable items that the CBD lover in your life will really appreciate. Choose any from ICE Headshop and you’ll be gifting the real deal.

The best CBD gifts for family and friends

Picking the right gifts for your family and friends is not always easy but try sticking to products that are in line with someone's lifestyle or ethos. If you have any questions regarding CBD products or need some more advice why not check our CBD guides on our blog, or read our FAQ?

CBD Body Balms & Lotions Gift Box

cbd balms and lotions gift pack

Shop here - CBD Body Balms & Lotions Gift Box

This gift box is perfect for those looking to indulge in the world of CBD. There are three different sizes which gives you the option to spend as little or as much as you like. Contents include high quality CBD products by reputable brands Infinity, CBD FX and Dinner Lady, such as balms, lotions and oils.

CBD Oral Oils Gift Box

CBD oral oils gift pack

Shop here - CBD Oral Oils Gift Box

With the oral oils gift boxes you can save up to a whopping £30. This CBD gift pack is sure to improve their CBD adventure as it is packed with a variety of flavours and strengths. CBD oils can be taken orally and in some cases put into food or drink (be sure to check the label). Also available in three different sizes, this pack contains well known brands such as CBDeaze, Natures Oil, Aztec and Solace Oil. Perfect for that relative that prefers a natural approach to life, this kit could help with feeling good - what a perfect start to the new year.

Vapers Paradise Gift Box

Vapers paradise gift set

Shop here - Vapers Paradise Gift Box

For those who already vape, CBD vape liquids are the perfect way to enjoy your vaping experience with some added CBD benefits. Vaping is one of the fastest acting ways to get CBD and sometimes the effects can be felt almost immediately. Choose from four different flavours, seven different device colours to suit their tastes, and a choice of small, medium or large.

Why give CBD as a gift?

  • It’s a stand-out, practical gift
  • It’s very thoughtful for someone who takes CBD regularly
  • There’s a range of flavours and type of products to pick from
  • Can be a small stocking filler, or a main present
  • CBD products last a long time and are easy to store
CBD can make the perfect Christmas gift, as long as someone is over 18 and you already know they’re a fan and have discussed it with their GP. Products come in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for stocking fillers and under the tree presents. Choose from sweet treats, relaxing face masks and CBD oils that could suit just about anybody. There are different ranges of strength, flavours and forms in which CBD comes, so check in with them if you’re happy to discuss gifts beforehand without spoiling the exact item or items they’re getting. We’ve all received traditional gifts at Christmas time and time again - socks, shower gel, chocolate boxes - and sometimes getting a present that’s a surprise makes it all the more memorable and thoughtful.

Who does CBD make a good gift for?

If you know someone over 18 who takes CBD already, it makes a great gift and shows you pay attention and are considering their well-being at the same time. Legally in the UK, someone must be 18 years or older to enjoy CBD (apart from specific medical cases where CBD is prescribed), but anyone older than that could be interested in it as a gift. Once you know who you’re choosing for, it comes down to picking between types of CBD product, such as edibles or oils. Below are examples of different types of CBD and their diverse applications to help you make a decision.
Type of CBD product Common uses
Edibles - CBD you can eat in different styles and flavours, as well as a variety of strengths.
  • To treat painful conditions as a natural alternative
  • On the go or at home for enjoyment, or a boost and sense of wellbeing
  • To aid sleep and relaxation
Cosmetics - Lotions, balms, creams and face masks, topically applied. Perfect for sore joints and injury as well as self care and relaxation.
  • To help treat skin ailments 
  • For relaxation and self-care
  • Post sports recovery
  • To reduce symptoms of aches
CBD vape products - Vape products are inhaled directly through a vaporiser pen or similar device.
  • Reportedly to provide fast acting pain relief where edibles have a slower working time
  • For relaxation and enjoyment
Oils and tinctures - Easy and quick to take, these can be absorbed sublingually, in food and drink, and even sprayed into your mouth.
  • As a part of a daily health routine 
  • For regular treatment of pain or stress conditions
  • To add to foods or smoothies

Tips on buying CBD as a gift

Choose a reputable retailer

Like shopping for any kind of product, look for quality and trusted brands. At ICE Headshop we only source the finest CBD products from around the globe, made of high quality CBD by the biggest brands in the industry. We work alongside the CBD industry and these big brands so that we can bring to you the latest, highest quality CBD products available. We also have a range of offers available; customers get free delivery on orders over £25 and discounts on larger purchases. Our team of experts are here to help you make the right purchase and guide you where needed.

Always keep the person in mind

Buying CBD for a friend or family member is no more difficult than shopping for regular festive gifts - just think about the person you are buying for and what they would like. Have you seen them use a certain brand before, like Harmony? Do you know they love chocolate flavour vapes? Keep their likes and dislikes in mind and they’ll thank you for it when they get a gift they really want.

Choose third-party lab tested products

We all like to have reassurance that we are getting what we have paid for. Now, more than ever, CBD products are regulated and tested by many third-party labs. When choosing your CBD product, make sure to check that it has been lab tested so that the authenticity of purity and strength found in your item is certified.

Get in touch with ICE Headshop

If you have a question on any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email: [email protected] (24/7/365) Phone: Mon-Fri, 10am - 4.00pm Phone orders: 01626 903101 General enquiries: 01626 903102 Disclaimer: Please note that you must be 18 years or older to purchase CBD products. All claims and effects of CBD have been regulated by the MHRA since 2016 and distributors require a license from the MHRA to make any medical claims. Claims are opinion based and non-scientific, and while we may discuss the opinions people share, they are not our own. Our CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. Although we can advocate its calming & healthy properties it is in no way intended for medicinal use.