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End of a chapter, Bring on chapter 2!
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End of a chapter, Bring on chapter 2!

Posted: May 25, 2016

ICE, the name jotted down at around 3am mid 2012 whilst brainstorming in bed & completely skint, this was around about the time my obsession with this business really kicked in which rages to this day. So so much has passed since, not to mention public opinion of the industry once entrepreneurial, now seemingly a reckless trade allowing people a choice, heaven forbid. Regulation and education was indeed needed, the real stats don't stack up in black and white if you care to look and compare without prejudice. Yet heavy press weeding out every negative story, and the resulting prohibition prevails and here we are... at the end... don't forget to bahh in the flock of the free world. We love our customers, it just goes to show if you love your customers they'll love you back. From the ever persistent blaggers trying to get a freebie (which we often give without logic), to the eloquent double barrelled gentlemen politely ordering their weekly bag of Ching.. you'll all be sorely missed! Whilst it will be the end for many of our great customers with whom we have great memories, we welcome with open arms those who want to continue with us with what could be merely just chapter two whilst we try to take the Cannabis seeds industry by storm. We're doing it our way... watch out! Anyhows, What a ride so far, Richer in memories. Thank you to all... Dan C & the team.