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Product Spotlight: *New Exclusive* Holy Grail Pen
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Product Spotlight: *New Exclusive* Holy Grail Pen

Posted: September 07, 2020

At ICE Headshop we’re at the forefront of the CBD market. We are always expanding our product range and seeking out the finest CBD products available to make them easily accessible to you. As a leading distributor, we pride ourselves on our huge range of high quality products from the best CBD brands out there. The Holy Grail Pen is a top quality product that is now exclusively available to ICE Headshop and joins our huge range of CBD products from the leaders of the industry. Here we take a look at what makes it a truly special and effective pen for CBD.

Introducing the Holy Grail 88% wide spectrum cannabis pen

The ‘Holy Grail CBD Huge Spectrum Disposable Cannabis Vape Pen’ is exclusive to ICE Headshop and this innovative CBD pen is as strong as it gets. It boasts a ceramic coil, potent CBD content and holds a staggering 170+ puffs. For those of us that are looking for a high powered CBD pen then look no further... it is not possible to create a stronger vape than this that is legal. holy grail vape pen

Impressive formula

The Holy Grail stands above the rest because it consists of pure undiluted uncrystallised organic GMP flowform distillate. The quality and quantity of the cannabinoids found in this pen are mind boggling. The formula for this pen is at stretching point in order to ensure that it keeps its viscosity and so that it doesn’t crystallise. The 0.5 ml tank may seem small but it provides 170+ puffs due to the purity and thickness of the oil. Furthermore, the tank contains a whopping 8800mg of wide spectrum cannabinoids.

Top features of the Holy Grail pen

With so much CBD, CBG, CBDV, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids crammed into this little beast, it is hard to single out some individual features that really make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some very enticing features to ponder:

The formula

  • 58% CBD
  • 11% CBG
  • 5% CBDV
  • 14% other minor cannabinoids
  • 88% total
  • 100% pure extract and natural real terpenes
  • 440mg total cannabinoids squeezed into 0.5ml, seriously concentrated
  • Undiluted, untampered, unrivalled (no PG/VG/MCT/flavour or added terpenes)

The Holy Grail pen

The disposable device boasts a ceramic coil and a longlife battery that will far outlive its contents and, when it is empty, the pen still retails for £11.99. The tank has a capacity of 0.5 ml, which holds around 170 puffs in total. This high quality pen is unrivalled for power output, cannabinoid strength and durability. holy grail vape pen stats

Why buy the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail pen packs a punch and is unrivalled for value, strength and quality. Its closest rival comes in at £60 and is a far inferior product, hence making The Holy Grail the obvious choice for somebody looking for quality and quantity at a fair price. This pen boasts a wealth of cannabinoids, a high power output and is probably one of the best looking vape pens available.

What are wide spectrum cannabinoids?

The two main types of cannabis products are isolate and broad/full/wide spectrum. An isolate product means that the cannabinoid (quite often CBD) has been extracted to a pure state and that it contains no other terpenes, flavonoids or cannabinoids. People generally choose these for peace of mind about the absence of psychoactive compounds, such as THC. A full/wide/broad spectrum product contains other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids and can legally contain up to 0.2% of trace amounts of THC (this amount is deemed suitable by the FSA and by law in most European countries - be sure to check the legality in your country before ordering).

Why wide spectrum cannabinoids for this pen?

Broad, wide and full spectrum cannabis products have been shown to provide greater benefit to our health and relief from unwanted symptoms because, together, all of the cannabinoids and terpenes create something that is called the entourage effect. This means that the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids work together synergistically to benefit us more significantly. Similar products containing less CBD and cannabinoids retail for around £60 and struggle to contend with the power of the Holy Grail.

Order today

The Holy Grail is available for you to order today. This pen is in a league of its own and is high power, high strength and high quality. If you are looking for something a little less potent, then shop our range of vaping products and accessories and find what’s right for you.

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