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The buying habits of the 55+ age group
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The buying habits of the 55+ age group

Posted: October 07, 2015

rock on This month, we thought it would be interesting to see how many of our customers break the stereotype of UK research chemical buyers. So, we had a look at our data and uncovered some surprising results! It turns out that in the past year, there has been around 13,200 sessions on the website from customers aged 55+. These customers have made over 3,000 transactions on the website, producing a whopping average order value of £57.80. Okay, so we are not saying 55 is old, but it may not necessarily be the result you’d expect, especially seeing as the 65+ age group are also placing orders on the website. We guess these days this age group have more to worry about than just their bus passes! But what are they actually ordering? And why would they be using an online headshop? Well we think we have an idea... According to the data customers aged 55-64 are mostly buying: Exodus Nightshade 3g Pink Panther 1 pack China White 1g Dust Till Dawn 1g  Customers aged 65+ are mostly buying: Exodus Damnation 3g Mary Joy Herbal Haze || White MM 1g China White 1g Some of these products (Exodus, Dust Till Dawn and Herbal Haze) have fairly similar tranquil, mellowing effects which may be a reason the older demographic are purchasing these products in volume. If we narrow this down further into location, it would appear the top 15 cities the purchases are coming from are: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Ipswich, Norwich, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Brighton.

old person with cigarette

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