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How To Choose Between Feminised And Regular Cannabis Seeds (Pros & Cons)
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How To Choose Between Feminised And Regular Cannabis Seeds (Pros & Cons)

Posted: October 05, 2020

Before we start, it’s important you know it is against the law to germinate seeds in the UK and many other countries. Any descriptions below only refer to what would happen if you germinated the seed in a country where it is legal, and in no way would we condone illegal germination. It can be a minefield trying to choose the right cannabis seeds and it is difficult to know what best suits your individual needs and what would help improve your seed collection. It is important to know the difference between the various types of seeds, how you can care for them and which type of seed fulfills your requirements. At ICE Headshop we stock a huge range of high quality seeds from leading brands, meaning there’s thousands to pick from and filter through, looking at various factors like type, yield, budget and CBD or THC content. However, one of the main decisions to make is whether you want to collect feminised or regular seeds for your next purchase - here we look at the benefits of both and why you might choose one over the other.

Why is choosing the right type of cannabis seed important?

Different strains of cannabis boast various benefits and effects and can vary quite drastically. While some are more curated over time to enhance their qualities - flowering time or aroma for example - seeds can also eventually be beneficial to well-being and offer a host of benefits when they are used to create hemp. What is most important here is selecting a type of seed that can best cater to your needs. For those with less experience, less time or less space, feminised seeds can be the way to go. If we are a more experienced grower, then regular seeds can provide a more genetically pure plant and give you the option to spawn a new strain. In most cases, feminised seeds are the top choice when shopping for cannabis seeds. Feminised seeds have some key advantages over regular or standard seeds and purchasing them can be advantageous for certain growing situations and can favour less experienced growers.

How can you tell the difference between regular and feminised seeds?

To the naked eye, there is no difference in regular or feminised seeds to look at. From their appearance, they could be one or the other, or even a different type altogether. Genetically however, there is a difference. Feminised seeds contain two female chromosomes (XX), which is achieved by pollinating one female plant with another, whereas regular seeds come from crossing a female (XX) with a male (XY) so that the genetics contain both sexes. This means that feminised seeds should only create female plants while regular seeds can create male, female and even hermaphrodite plants. Of course, the best way to know the type of seed is to buy from trusted brands and filtering to your preferences.

What are the differences between regular and feminised?

There are a few key differences between regular and feminised seeds and these are the factors that could sway your purchase one way or another. Let us have a look at the main points of difference to help you judge which type of seeds would suit your collection best:

Feminised Cannabis Seeds Regular/Standard Cannabis Seeds
Feminised seeds generally come from two elite clones (ones that have been extensively tested) Regular seeds are the originals. They are purer strains and boast original genetics.
Feminised seeds save on our individual resources and time. Can be easier to manage over regular seeds. No chemicals are used for their production. Can require more experience to provide a good end result.
Can be germinated to the specific amount of seeds required. This can help with space saving and crop management. Regular seeds produce both male and female offspring; they require more space and attention to detail. It is possible to create new seeds.
No sexing is required. Feminised seeds make female plants. Regular seeds are more efficient at serving clones; new strains can be created.

As we have seen there are different benefits to each type of seed. Choosing a type of seed depends on individual factors like experience, time we have to care for the plants and the yield or outcome of the plant. There are benefits to both of these types of seeds and neither is generalised as superior, although purists may hold regular seeds in higher regard.

The main benefits of regular seeds

If you are considering regular seeds, here are some of the main benefits:

  • The purity of the plants’ and seeds’ genetics and the ability they offer to create a new strain
  • They also seem to be the choice for connoisseurs, as well as for the purists and people looking to experiment with creating hybrid or original strains
  • Regular seeds provide both male and female offspring so can be more beneficial for producing more seeds
  • Regular seeds do not require chemicals for their production

The main benefits of feminised seeds

If you are considering feminised seeds, here are some of the main benefits:

  • The guarantee of a female plant and therefore less experience is necessary in order to get good results
  • Feminised seeds generally originate from two high quality clones
  • When buying feminised seeds, you get peace of mind about the sex of the plant, which saves time from having to identify the sex of our plants and having to remove males from crops
  • Feminised seeds do not produce male plants so this saves time from removing and space potentially for more female plants

How do you know which is right for you?

Either of the types of seeds can be the right choice. Base your purchase upon your own knowledge and abilities. Be sure to do research into the type of seeds you are buying and choose a seed with high quality genetics. Pick seeds that you can provide a good environment for and that you have space to accommodate. When we look at these various factors it narrows down our possibilities, like many other activities we should seek a product that best suits ability and knowledge. Cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess in the UK, there are many reputable and recognisable brands and we always recommend taking time to research the product that you are getting. Here are a few top seeds to take a look at and you can also check out our Top 10s for more direction in making a choice, from bestsellers to those suitable for beginners:

Top regular seeds

Regular Auto AK-47 x Hindu Kush

The regular auto AK-47 Hindu Kush is a beautiful hybrid of Hindu Kush and the famous award winning AK-47. Hindu Kush is one of the oldest known varieties of cannabis named after the region from which it comes (the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan). AK-47 is a hybrid of 65% sativa x 35% indica - it combines Thai, Afghani, Mexican and Columbian varieties. These seeds can produce impressive yields and boast a THC content of 18- 22%. Lowlife Seeds are a clan of breeders that have taken classic strains and developed new strains with autoflowering characteristics, so shop in confidence.

Early Skunk

Early Skunk is a well balanced hybrid that is 50% indica and 50% sativa. These produce a high THC product with an average yield. Skunk is famous for its potent aroma and taste and is a highly resilient plant that can succeed in both indoor and outdoor conditions. This particular seed is produced by Sensi Seeds - founded in 1985 Sensi seeds are based in Amsterdam and have a great reputation for quality strains and seeds.

Top feminised seeds

Auto Northern Lights

Auto Northern Lights is a gorgeous autoflowering variety that can go from seeds to flower in just 56 days. It is an exceptionally divine indica dominant strain that can be extremely beneficial with treating symptoms of pain, stress and anxiety just to name a few of it’s reported benefits. Northern Lights is famously strong and has given rise to many newer reputable strains. This strain is produced by Nirvana Seeds and comes with a high THC content and big yield.

Auto Cheese Seeds

Widely recognised for its pungent aroma and flavour, cheese is another reputable powerful strain brought to us in this instance as Auto Cheese Seeds by Lowlife Seeds. These seeds flower after 60 to 70 days and have a great balance of indica and sativa. Auto Cheese Seeds can produce a good yield whether inside or out.

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