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How To Make CBD Gummies At Home
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How To Make CBD Gummies At Home

Posted: July 01, 2020

Recently CBD (cannabidiol) has gained significant media attention and is now firmly positioned as a natural supplement for wellbeing, only increasing in popularity. Within a marketplace offering an incredible range of CBD products - vape pens, tinctures, oils and balms - edibles are at the forefront of the CBD industry because of their ease of use and quite simply, because they are delicious. They’re ideal for taking CBD if you prefer eating to dropping oils under the tongue, adding drops to drink or having to go outside to vape. They can also be made at home in your own kitchen - just make sure you’re using high quality, certified CBD.

Making gummies at home

Gummy bears There’s a chance you’re asking, ‘why would I make CBD edibles if I can buy them online?’ Making our own CBD edibles is the perfect way to customise them to your unique, individual needs as well as have a good time creating in the kitchen. Examples of ways you can customise homemade edibles:
  • Gelatine commonly used to make confectionery products such as jellies and gummy bears can be replaced with an alternative such as agar agar if you follow a plant-based diet
  • Flavours can be changed to suit your palate so that you can enjoy each and every one
  • The potency and dosage of CBD can be adjusted to suit your unique needs and to provide better control of the CBD you take
  • If you require a stronger dose of CBD to relieve unwanted symptoms, you can tailor gummies so that you no longer need to eat multiple sweets to reach the desired effects

High quality CBD for gummies

As stated, the most important part in making gummies is choosing the right CBD. You need to consider that it is:
  • the concentration you require
  • the flavour (if any) you want
  • lab tested and certified
  • classed as a novel food
By choosing a high quality, lab-certified, isolate CBD you will ensure that the gummies you make are the real deal. With regulation changes underway, CBD edibles are getting reclassified as a novel food from March 2021. This means that quality control is being put into place by the FSA and EFSA with the primary reason to ensure CBD is safe for consumption as a novel food. Purchasing an approved CBD isolate by these governing bodies will ensure you are getting the quality that you pay for and that the product is suitable.

Use CBD isolate

CBD is available in many forms; when making your own products CBD isolate is the way to go. CBD isolate contains no THC and is 99% pure. It comes in a crystalline or powder form and can be used to make oils, tinctures, edibles and e-liquids. It can even be taken sublingually, just as it is. High quality CBD isolate is also often:
  • free from heavy metals
  • free from pesticides and herbicides
  • has no odour
  • has no taste
These qualities make it perfect to produce a high quality edible.

Step-by-step guide to make CBD gummies

mixing bowl Making CBD gummies at home is simple and requires very little equipment. Here is a great recipe that is simple to follow and will yield gummies that will last up to six or seven months if stored correctly. Whilst there are many recipes available online, generally they can be quite basic - this recipe provides higher quality gummies that will last longer. It just makes it all that more worthwhile when you’ve taken the time to pick the right CBD and make the gummies yourself.


  • A hob or stove
  • A mixing bowl
  • An extra dish
  • A silicone mould
  • A whisk or spoon


  • ½ cup of fruit juice
  • A clean airtight storage container
  • ¼ cup of honey, corn or maple syrup
  • 1 tsp of citric acid
  • 1 tbsp of food colouring
  • ¼ tsp of potassium sorbate dilution
  • 4 tbsp of gelatine (for vegan or vegetarian gummies. this can be replaced spoon for spoon with agar agar or another alternative of your choice - for other alternatives be sure to check your ratio)
  • CBD (for this we can choose which type of CBD we would like to use, for example; tincture, oil or isolate)
To make the gummies tailored to your needs, it is important to firstly work out the dosage you require. Count the amount of gummies your mould makes and scale this up so that each gummy contains the amount of CBD you would like. Remember, different concentrations of CBD will provide different strength gummies!

Step 1:

The first step is to mix one part potassium sorbate to three parts water in a dish/small bowl. Set this aside.

Step 2:

Now you ‘bloom’ the gelatin (or vegetarian/vegan substitute). To do this put the gelatin (or alternative) into a mixing bowl with the chosen juice. Leave this for two minutes before adding citric acid and food colouring. Leave this again for two minutes. This step enables the gelatin (or alternative) to absorb plenty of liquid, which makes it easier to dissolve later.

Step 3:

Add a ¼ of a tsp of the potassium sorbate solution to the fruit juice and gelatin mix. Separately on the stove, gently warm your honey or syrup until it becomes more viscous or watery. Then add the juice and gelatin mix. During this step be sure to use a low to medium heat as you don’t want to boil the mixture.

Step 4:

Once the gelatine starts to dissolve and the mixture starts to amalgamate or join together, start to whisk and stir gently. Stirring and whisking gently ensures you don't get any unwanted bubbles. If the mixture starts to rise or bubble, remove it from the heat and turn it down a notch.

Step 5:

Notice the tiny bubbles around the edge? This means the mixture is ready to come off the heat. Set this aside and allow it to cool for one to two minutes before adding your carefully calculated dose of CBD. Remember to divide the amount of CBD by the number of gummies in your mould to work out how much each individual gummy contains.

Step 6:

Pour or spoon your mix into the mould and set in the fridge for 4 hours or until solid. For the ultimate gummies, coat them in a mixture of one tsp of citric acid combined with four or five tbsp of granulated sugar. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and remember not to exceed the recommended daily dose of CBD. Be creative with your flavours and have fun with creating the ultimate CBD gummies.

Don’t have time to make your own?

If there isn’t enough time in the day to be spent making edibles in the kitchen, then rest assured, there is a place you can pick up high quality delicious gummies, delivered straight to your door. Here are a couple of quality products from our outstanding range of CBD edibles.

CBD FX Full Spectrum Gummy Bears

Containing full spectrum CBD oil, these deliciously sweet CBD gummies are not only gluten-free but are vegan-friendly and contain no artificial sweeteners. Each bear contains 5mg of CBD, and there are 8 bears in a packet.

CBD FX Full Spectrum Turmeric Gummy Bears

With every benefit of the full spectrum bears by CBD FX, each bear in this packet again contains 5mg of full spectrum CBD, but with an added health boost of turmeric. Turmeric is a popular supplement with many benefits including anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange County Broad Spectrum Large CBD Gummies 

Available as 10mg, 25mg and 50mg full spectrum gummies, these vegan treats come in a large pack of 80. There are many choices for strength, flavour and shape so take the time to pick what’s right for you. You can also choose from worms, rings, buttons and bears.

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