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The low down on the UK legal high rated chemicals ban everyone is hyped up about.
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The low down on the UK legal high rated chemicals ban everyone is hyped up about.

Posted: June 10, 2015

Under legislation outlined in the Queen’s Speech on 29th May 2015, a draft bill to “ban” research chems was presented to the House of Lords. The psychoactive substances bill is designed to ban the trade. “The Home Office impact assessment published alongside the bill reveals there is no existing test that the police can use to confirm if a seized substance qualifies under the ban as psychoactive. Home Office scientific researchers and the government’s advisory council for the misuse of drugs have been asked to tackle the problem of finding an accepted methodology for a testing kit.” According to David Nutt, former government Chief Drugs Adviser, the banning has already been destructive to Parkinson’s and anti-smoking research. What’s more, drug researchers have warned that a bill to ban will be terrible for brain research in the UK. You can read more about this here. The ban is likely to come into play around April 2016. So what was all that fuss and urgency about? A year is a very long time and there is still a lot of partying to be done! In the meantime, it’s business as usual for ICE Headshop and you can still buy all our legal high quality chemical products online with no restrictions! (Please note these products are not for human consumption). Converting a bill to a complete “Act of Parliament” takes a long time, even in straightforward cases. But a complicated bill like this one will take even longer because of considerable opposition, lots of research and avoiding loopholes plus heavy modification. Nothing is changing in the short term and with no severe urgency. According to the data below from The Guardian, the popularity of legal highs certainly isn’t in decline and people are still getting their fixes to this date. data graph from The GuardianGraph and statistics from The Guardian on Thursday 4th June 2015. So sit back, chill out and take advantage of the wide range of powders, party pills, seeds and herbal blends we stock. Don’t forget to check out our reward scheme and earn a 10% reward on all your purchases. Our great offers make us the cheapest online headshop. We advise you read this great article from spectator.co.uk. The government doesn’t even know what it’s banning." *All products at ICE Headshop are NOT for human consumption unless otherwise stated*