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New Products and Special Formulas from ICE Headshop
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New Products and Special Formulas from ICE Headshop

Posted: September 15, 2015

Our formula is changing and our collection of products just keep improving and advancing. If quality matters to you then use ICE Headshop to buy all your legal highs. The equations for the cannabinoids used in these products are 5f-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. We’re proud to introduce our new high quality products from new kids on the block, DC Trading. Prepare to have your mind blown by our new product range and aromas using the ultimate new formula: apocalypse legal high


5/5 Strength Our new extremely intense herbal incense will go down an absolute storm. Already proving to be very popular, Apocalypse is just what you’ve been waiting for. For the experienced incense user only, do not underestimate this product, it will sneak up on you! The Joker herbal incense


5/5 Strength Aroma: Blackberry Why so serious? Lighten up with our new “The Joker” herbal incense, in delicious blackberry aroma. This incense will go down a treat, and possibly blow your mind. For the more experienced incense user only, use in well ventilated areas. Pandemonium herbal incense


4/5 Strength Aroma: Strawberry Create anarchy and chaos with our new “Pandemonium” herbal incense, in delectable strawberry Aroma. This is a top quality blend featuring a new and improved formula. Are your socks on? Because this will blow them off. Dave herbal incense


4/5 Strength Aroma: Cherry Sit back, relax and plan a night in with Dave, he is definitely great company. Don’t be fooled by his fearsomely handsome good looks and charm, Dave will knock you for six. Contains: 5f-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. Oblivion herbal incense


4/5 Strength Aroma: Blueberry Create a state of complete senselessness with Oblivion, our new product using a new and improved formula. Explore your mind and enjoy a stupor state with this strong aroma. Guaranteed to send all researchers into oblivion. Contains: 5f-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. whitey


4/5 Strength Aroma: Sweet Leaf You think you’ve tried it all and we just keep making more. Try out Whitey and let all your worries sail away with the day. Despite the name, this is unlikely to leave you with your head over the toilet! happy daze


3/5 Strength Aroma: Flower Power It’s always a happy day when you use Happy Daze, this little number is sure to put a smile on your face. Daze and drift off into a state of euphoria when you use Happy Daze. Contains: 5f-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. ice kush


3/5 Strength Aroma: Blueberry/Menthol ICE ICE BABY! Try out our brand new product Ice Kush, it’s sure to leave you with a hint of brain freeze. This product is an excellent all-rounder and is already proving to be a popular choice. Contains: ak-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. cloud 9


3/5 Strength Aroma: Bubblegum Feel like you’re floating on air, and experience a state of extreme happiness with Cloud 9. Made with a new formula leaf, this will keep you on cloud nine all day long. This is a great new addition to our incense selection and provides a very smooth aroma. Contains: ak-akb-47 & 5f-pb-22. If you have any questions about our new range or new formula please email [email protected]. Please note our products are not for human consumption.