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Research Chemicals Ban & Seeds to Reign at ICE
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Research Chemicals Ban & Seeds to Reign at ICE

Posted: May 23, 2016

The day of the blanket ban is sadly confirmed for 26th May 2016, meaning it’s your last chance to buy NPS products at ICE Headshop! We’re still going whilst they’re legal so stock up with us one last time. As you know, NPS products include research chemicals so be aware the industry is being wiped out; so what’s next in our ICE adventure? Well, moving on to some brilliant news - ICE is running full steam ahead and will bring you the very best variety and price on the best legal alternative, cannabis seeds!

The future is cannabis seeds

While we’ve been waiting for the ban, we’ve been busy at work collecting a great stock of seeds for you to enjoy. You'll be able to use our brand filters and specifications to find the perfect seeds for you. We’re specialising in only the best, which means you won’t find a more tantalising choice of feminised, autoflowering or regular seeds anywhere else. Just on the chance you’re still a little upset by the ban, maybe this’ll perk you up… we’ll reward your loyalty with 10% off all purchases while you’re signed in to your account. What a great reason to start collecting if you never have before! It’s a fun hobby and we’re sure you’ll be smiling in no time. We’ve also revamped all of our accessories and hardware with high end stock and over 17 different room odourisers to pick from. Did we mention you’ll love the sub-zero prices?  

Same great service

As we move on we’d like to say a big thank for choosing us and we look forward to seeing you again here at ICE Headshop. While the old ‘research chemicals’ are gone, we’re keeping the great service that you know and love. Over the years we’ve gotten some great reviews, from you, our wonderful customers. You make our day - everyday - and here are some of our recent favourites: ICE, ICE BYE BYE I've said it b4....and I'll say it again "Definitely May be a Dick!" With summer coming we were looking 4ward to our 1st all-nighter in the greenhouse with it getting warmer. I was there in the 90s, acted serious in the 00's but didn't like it, so it was helloooooo I.H.S. Loved every moment! Boys,Girls enjoy this last weekend.....I've got some special David Bellamy remixes for My plants this weekend, We're going out in style here on The Saff Coast! It's been a totes pleasure My Treacles. You Salute Us.......WE fricking Love You Ravin' I'm Ravin May 20, 2016 MARRY ME? I hope the guys at ICE get some time to read these reviews because it really is testament to their hard work and excellent service. You guys make this the place that we all love coming back to, so truly thank you! As to the products etc, service is always top notch. The products are excellent as well. A couple of bad ones but that's not the shops fault. The review system works brilliantly and gives everyone as much info as possible without going against the rules. I love what you guys do and long MAY you prosper!! <3 Annoying customer Apr 18, 2016 IF THERE WAS AN ACADEMY AWARD CEREMONY FOR THE INDUSTRY, ICE WOULD WIN THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Where have you been all my life? If Icehead were a person, I'd propose marriage without even insisting on a pre-nup. For those of us who have been in applied biological research for decades, this was the exact resource we were missing. I'd have a Nobel prize by now. Trustworthy supplier, extensive product range (allowing for research across the board), however demanding the lab tests you design. Helpful, patient, reliable service and efficient almost to a fault. A dream come true, frankly. Quality, choice, accessibility, safety. A thoroughly modern company delivering good old fashioned service.. When that actually counted for something. Think Fortnum & Masons, not Lidl. The Mad Professor Apr 12, 2016 Thank you all so much, especially for the lifetime achievement award! Now the time has come..., what are you waiting for? See you soon!