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Salvia Divinorum - The Facts
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Salvia Divinorum - The Facts

Posted: April 02, 2015

Salvia Is A Popular Legal High

Salvia is a very popular legal high in the UK. Stemming from the Cloud Forest in Mexico, salvia is often used by the natives for spiritual healing and during ritualistic events. Salvia is not for the light hearted, and as such it should be treated with the upmost respect and ideally never taken alone, particularly in high doses.     NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IN THE UK Salvia can either be chewed or dried and smoked and acts as a powerful hallucinogenic due to its psychoactive chemicals. Higher doses of salvia is said to cause vivid imagery, hallucinations and time distortion. It is always important to remember that hallucinations can be both positive and negative so taking the legal high does involve an element of risk. In the UK, salvia may be sold in its whole form, but it is not intended for human consumption and is typically sold as a collectable. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IN THE UK

Salvia As A Legal High – Experiences

A good way to get an understanding of the effects of legal highs is to draw information from the experiences of others. You’ll find a wealth of stories and experiences on the internet, all of which vary from person to person. There are a range of potencies available and this should be closely monitored in a bid to ensure that you don’t have an experience that is too overpowering. The common effects documented from the experiences detailed online include vivid hallucination forming a form of ‘out of body’ experience. Many express a feeling of switching into an alternative reality. The experience typically lasts less than 10 minutes and is described as being powerful and sometimes overwhelming. There are also a huge number of YouTube videos showing individuals having just taken the Salvia.

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