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The Best CBD For Sleep & How CBD Oil Fights Insomnia
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The Best CBD For Sleep & How CBD Oil Fights Insomnia

Posted: April 27, 2020

Most of us know that sleep is important and without it we can feel tired, grumpy and fatigued. But how many of us know the long-term health complications that come from a lack of sleep? Here we are going to look at how CBD, a natural supplement from the hemp plant, can help us in sleeping and treating the symptoms of insomnia.

The importance of sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our day; it is like turning off the computer and switching it back on again. Sleep enables us to reset and sets us up for a new day. It also helps us to heal our bodies and refresh our minds. It is recommended that we have between seven and nine hours sleep a night to function at our optimal rate and, without enough sleep, we may suffer from instant repercussions, such as feeling stressed, feeling tired, an inability to focus, and a short temper. But what are the long term complications associated with lack of sleep? Some of them include an increased likelihood of:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension

There are around 90 recognised sleep disorders, most of which are diagnosed as a result of daytime sleepiness, depression and inability to concentrate. A lot of them go undiagnosed or unnoticed, which subsequently affects our family, social and work lives in a negative way.

The benefits of CBD for insomnia

bed in bedroom So how can CBD help us to get to sleep? Can we take it for insomnia? Let's have a look into the benefits of CBD oil for sleeping and how we can use it for insomnia. CBD is one of the most active cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for creating homeostasis or, in other words, harmony and balance within our bodies. It is not psychoactive like the compound THC and has a range of reported benefits.. Many things can prevent us from getting a good night's sleep such as, but not limited to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Caffeine consumption

In a recent study it was shown that out of 72 subjects (of whom 47 were experiencing anxiety and 25 were experiencing poor sleep), after a 25mg CBD capsule everyday for a month, 79.2% experienced lower anxiety and 66.7% reported having better sleep. CBD has also been shown to ease symptoms of pain and discomfort, which can aid a good night’s sleep. A notable benefit of using CBD for sleep is that it is easily dosed and the dosage is self- controlled. It is as simple as putting drops of oral CBD oil in a glass of water or fruit juice and drinking it, or taking a capsule. CBD, unlike its opioid counterparts, hasn’t been shown to cause addiction and dependence.

How does CBD work to help you sleep better?

Although science has embraced cannabis research and is searching for as many answers as they can find, there is not yet a definitive answer as to why CBD can help us sleep. What we can say is that CBD has been shown to help prevent symptoms of various conditions that would ordinarily impair our sleep patterns and quality. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for physiological and cognitive functions. The ECS is found in our peripheral and central nervous systems, in our brain and throughout our body. It is responsible for maintaining homeostasis; a kind of balance and harmony within us. CBD can help reduce symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Anti-seizure
  • Neuro-protection
  • Pain relief
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Bacterial infections
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

As many of the illnesses and symptoms listed are also big contributors to keeping us awake, there is no wonder that, if CBD can help reduce these symptoms, then CBD can help us to sleep. Evidence from studies suggest that CBD can produce a calming effect in the central nervous system. Studies also show higher doses of CBD to be therapeutic for insomnia, stress and anxiety, epilepsy and may also increase mental sedation.

The best CBD for sleep and insomnia

cannabis plant in hand When choosing CBD for sleep, we need to take into account personal factors, particularly our individual lifestyles and routines. CBD is an incredibly diverse supplement that comes in a broad spectrum of products; our range consists of everything from edibles right through to mouth spray or vape and e-liquids. Advice for choosing the right CBD for sleep would be to browse our shop. If you can’t sleep due to chronic pain then you might like to choose a topical lotion or balm that you can apply directly to your skin, as it is absorbed and can work directly to help relieve your pain. If you are stressed out and need to get fast results then perhaps a water-soluble oil or a vape oil may be best. However, it is also a good idea to bear in mind that using vape equipment could cause respiratory issues. Choose a high quality, lab tested product where possible and note that CBD comes as % of purity and mg per ml or per serving. Higher mg products in high concentrations are likely to have stronger effects, so it is best to start with a low dosage and increase over time until you reach the desired effects.

The best CBD oils and products for sleep

Each of us have different lifestyles and routines. We all metabolise at different rates, weigh different amounts and we don't all get the same amount of exercise or experience the same pains as each other. This is the reason why CBD is so incredible; we don't get a prescription, we choose a product that suits us and we dose as we need. Browse our shop to find the product that best suits you and helps you to get a more fulfilling sleep. Here are some of the products in our ever-growing range:

    • Edibles - These come as chocolate, gummy bears, coffee and honey, to name just a few. Simply kick back and enjoy, sip and sample, chew, drizzle or scoff; it’s completely up to you.
    • CBD oils - The oils come as simple oral oils, which you can hold under your tongue or as mouth sprays and oils that can be solubilised in water or juice. These are great for when you’re on the move or for a quick simple way to get your CBD. They are available as full spectrum and isolate.
    • CBD vape oil - Vape oil comes in many excitings flavours, strengths and with a choice of full spectrum or isolate. They are also available as organic, flavourless or in a wide range of flavours.

Here are a couple of high quality, stand out CBD products you might be interested in:

Somnio CBD Nutritional Gummies

Available as gummies or fruit slices, these delicious fruit jellies are a tasty and simple way to get your CBD. Each gummy or fruit slice contains 10mg of full spectrum CBD. That is not all, these amazing gummies are also:

      • Dairy free
      • Gluten free
      • Vegan
      • Nut free
      • Soy free
      • Gelatine free

A powerful and wholesome product, these gummies are sure not to disappoint.

Harmony E-liquids 600mg CBD

This Harmony e-liquid is available in three flavours: G Kush, Mango Kush and Super Lemon Haze. The flavours are taken from terpenes in the cannabis strains for an authentic flavour. The 10 ml CBD vape liquid contains 600mg of concentrated and certified CBD. A powerful and authentically tasty way to get your dose. Please note that although it’s a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping can cause respiratory issues.

How to dose your CBD

The wonderful thing about taking CBD for sleep is that we are responsible for both the way in which we take it and how much we take. Products usually come with a recommended dose and we recommend to start low and build up until you reach your desired effects, not exceeding the manufacturer’s maximum dose. Oral mouth oils simply go under the tongue and some even dissolve into water or juice. There are mouth sprays, confectionary products and even teas and coffees (although due to the caffeine, the latter probably won’t help with sleep). Find a product that fits into your lifestyle and that you can incorporate into your routine easily.

When to take CBD oil for sleep

Choosing the right time to take your CBD product will vary depending on which product you have chosen, however, typically you will want to take your CBD when you start thinking about heading to bed to sleep. As a rule of thumb, edibles and balms may take longer than other products as they have to be metabolised or absorbed. Vape oil and high quality water-soluble oil can be felt immediately, whilst mouth sprays are likely to be quicker than capsules. Experiment with your CBD dosage to find out how long the product you have chosen takes to work for you. Always read the label and guidelines.

How long does CBD take to work for insomnia?

CBD is shown to help the symptoms of sleeping and stress disorders, as well as many other ailments, illnesses and diseases. A larger, stronger dosage of a high quality, lab tested product will presumably work faster or more efficiently than a small weak dose of a cheap non-reputable CBD. Another consideration is that products that are more bioavailable, like a water soluble product or vapourised product, can be felt nearly immediately and may be the solution if you need a quick effect. If we have time to take CBD at leisure rather than needing immediate effects, CBD gummies or a CBD drink like tea may be preferable. Just remember, you should pick a product that works with your routine and lifestyle so it can fit into your sleep cycle.

Isolate vs full spectrum CBD for sleep

Full spectrum CBD oil is a more naturally complete product, containing other cannabinoids and terpenes, this helps to create the ‘entourage effect’. The British Journal of Pharmacology’s research suggests that CBD, together with the other terpenes and cannabinoids, can work more efficiently. Isolate CBD is chosen mainly for its purity. Isolate CBD products have been extracted to a pure state and contain no trace of THC or other cannabinoids or terpenes. This gives people the peace of mind that the product does not contain any trace amounts of THC, and is helpful for the athletes among us or those of us who get drug tested for work.

How else can you try to improve sleep quality?

pen and open journal on a desk

      • Have a routine of waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day
      • Stay active; exercise is good for both the mind and body
      • Eat well and avoid sugar and caffeine before sleep
      • Keep a journal to note down what works and what doesn’t

It is important for us to not just rely on a CBD product to try and do all of the work when it comes to improving our sleep quality. A healthy and active lifestyle and diet contribute to our overall mental and physical well-being. Taking time to relax and speak with friends and family or walking the dog takes us away from our sometimes busy or stressful lives and gives our body a moment to catch up mentally and physically. Be sure to exercise where possible. as the release of energy and endorphins is a great way to feel more tired or relaxed.

Summary and disclaimer

With research ongoing and the science ever-progressing, it seems that CBD is big and only getting bigger. Not all of the questions have answers yet, but there is a huge amount of practical evidence and reports from individuals that highlight it’s potential capabilities, including being a useful sleeping aid. This means it may be part of the solution for many people. A natural supplement, CBD should be taken as part of a healthy, balanced and, where possible, active lifestyle.

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