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The Cannabis Seeds You Need at a Price That’s Right
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The Cannabis Seeds You Need at a Price That’s Right

Posted: October 05, 2018

It said that variety is the spice of life. With that in mind the variety of cannabis seeds available today will definitely spice up your life. No matter whether you're a grower or a collector having a wide variety of cannabis seeds is important.

Cannabis seeds today are much different than they were decades ago. The variety seems to be endless. There are countless strains of cannabis and several different varieties of seeds. Regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and autoflowering cannabis seeds have changed the world of growing and collecting.

No good cannabis seed collection today is complete without all of the above in it. if you're a grower then you already know the importance of having strong cannabis genetics on hand. Breeders and Growers have been working on cannabis seed genetics for decades.

The result of their hard work is an endless plethora of palate pleasing potent strains of cannabis. For just about every regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seed there is, they're available in Indica, sativa and hybrid varieties.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds have been around since the beginning of time. These seeds produce both male and female plants. In order to successfully cultivate regular cannabis seeds you will have to sex your plants once they sprout. Regular cannabis seeds will also give you the ability to produce more seed crop for use at a later time.

Regular cannabis seeds are becoming harder and harder to find. It seems collectors and growers alike prefer feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds. While these seeds are great, you may find it impossible to clone them or reproduce seeds from them.

This still give good old regular cannabis seed the edge on the new age competition of today. Cannabis seed genetics have advanced considerably since the 70’s and 80’s. The cannabis seeds of today are much like craft beer with flavors that fit numerous consumers.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds allow Growers two more precisely calculate cost associated with grows. It also allows them to delegate the necessary amount of room by planning ahead of time. The reason all this is possible is because with feminized cannabis seeds you average female plants and estimated 99% of the time.

Cannabis seed collectors love adding feminized cannabis seeds to their prized collections. Feminized cannabis seeds tend not to reproduce more usable seeds. For this reason they are considered a one-time seed. Most collectors like to have five or ten of the seeds at least.

If you’re looking to pop a crop of beautiful ladies in the ground without all the guess work and waiting, there’s only one thing to do. Get your hands on some feminized cannabis seeds.

Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds

Ruderalis cannabis seeds have been around for as long as cannabis has. Ruderalis refers to a specific type of cannabis that is rumored to be from somewhere in rugged Northern regions. The conditions in which the seeds would grow inevitably help shape the genetics of ruderalis cannabis today.

Today's ruderalis cannabis is not left to just grow wild. It is used to create a wide variety of exotic hybrid cannabis strains.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have seen an increase in demand over the years. They provide Growers with potent beautiful crops with very little effort. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are created by combining the genetics of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa with cannabis ruderalis.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have the unique ability to switch to the flowering stage without having to alter lighting Cycles. They also tend to mature from seed to harvest and as little as around two months. This gives some growers the ability to grow two sets of plants versus one in outdoor conditions.

You can also get Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds to make your gorilla grow strong like King Kong. These lovely beauties have the best of both world giving you that 99% female plant and a plant born to flower!

Ice Headshop Has All the Cannabis Seeds You Need and More

When you’re ready to get that cannabis seed collection heading in the right direction or to get your ducks in a row for a grow, Ice Headshop has you covered. With quiet possibly the largest selection of cannabis seeds in one place, you’re sure to find the seeds you need.

The prices are unbeatable and the selection is top shelf. While you’re there you can check out all kinds of cool swag to fill you shopping bag. The part about this spot is the incredible selection of premium cannabis seeds that they have available.

Regular, autoflowering, feminized, and yes, even ruderalis cannabis seeds are waiting for you to take them home today. The collection or grow you’ve been dreaming of is only a click away. When you need the hookup, just remember to look up Ice Headshop.

Disclaimer: All cannabis seeds brought from ICE Headshop are for collection purposes only, germination of cannabis seeds in the UK is strictly forbidden.