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Our thoughts on Theresa May "banning pleasure"
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Our thoughts on Theresa May "banning pleasure"

Posted: December 01, 2015 | Author: Reboot Online

We read a slightly bizarre and unrevised draft from Theresa May and felt compelled to fill you in. Some of the things this woman wishes to ban from the face of the earth are verging on insane! You can find the full article here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/politics-blog/11645354/Theresa-May-wants-to-ban-pleasure.html Theresa May In June, Theresa spoke of a new law on legal highs which would criminalise nuts, scented pillows and the smell of flowers. Sound insane? Yep, we thought so to. Her Home Office announced in May 2015 that since 2010 they have banned more than 500 new drugs. The second reading, on June 9th, wanted to see a ban on all “psychoactive substances” apart from a few defined exceptions. Read more about this here. Did you know that tea,yes a typical cup of British tea, is a “psychoactive substance”? You would only be allowed to drink it as a special exemption from the normal rule. The law is aimed at “legal highs”; synthetic chemicals, typically manufactured in Asia. In 2014, the Government’s panel of experts admitted it had only “a very incomplete understanding” of the harms. They really do insist on banning everything that gives pleasure. Of all the many stupid, not thought out and pointless laws ever passed, this would be one of the most idiotic… The production, supply, importation or exportation of any "psychoactive substances" carries a potential 7 year sentence. *Oddly enough, simple possession without any intent to supply will remain legal.* The bill defines a “psychoactive substance” as a substance which: a) is capable of producing a psychoactive effects in a person who consumes it and b) is not an exempted substance legal high pills A substance produces a psychoactive effect in a person if it affects the person’s mental functioning or emotional state. Any substance which gives pleasure, of course, “affects a person's emotional state.” The starting point of the Bill is that giving pleasure is sufficient justification for prohibition. In case you’re wondering… alcohol, nicotine, tobacco and caffeine are “exempt substances”, as are medicinal products. Butane gas, glue, petrol and some cleaning fluids have all been used for their psychoactive properties. As a result, the law as currently drafted will render their sale illegal. Beyond this, the Bill's effects are incredibly far reaching, banning things irrespective of any evidence or reason, simply because they “affect a person's emotional state”. “Poppers” are to be banned, not because of the harm they do, but because one of their pleasant effects is to produce euphoria and dis-inhibition. Also in the firing line are betel and areca nuts, vapers, hop pillows, toads, salamanders, flowers and perfume. It has even been suggested by one of the country's best known legal bloggers, David Allen Green, that the nice feelings produced by the scent of flowers could be enough to engage the provisions of the Bill, and what's more, he’s right. What stronger emotional response is there than that produced by the beautiful scent of roses delivered to the woman you love? Sorry, that very emotional response is enough to engage Section 3. Clearly this is all terribly thought out and the mind boggles as to what they were thinking. We also read this article titled “The minister in charge of the legal highs bill doesn't understand his own legislation”. This is another great read about how irrational the legislation is. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box. ICE Headshop "Please note we do not market our products as Legal Highs, ALL of our products are for research purposes & strictly not for human consumption"