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Shhh! This one’s a secret. Sit back and chill out, Ice Head Shop has got you connected with one of the best hidden gems of a seedbank on the planet. These cool cats have been stepping up the Indica and auto flowering game for a while now, keeping themselves off the radar but their strains on the level with the best. Words getting out, 00seeds has killer auto and Indica strains for a price point that’s basically unbeatable.

  • Spanish Quality Indica
  • Hearty and adaptable plants for all kinds of growing
  • Massive CBD quantities
  • Packs of 5 at a generous price

Spanish breeders are always renowned for their high quality Indica. Why? Well they probably just like good bud and 00seeds never disappoints in this regard. Some of the highest CBD on the market are in these pretty girls making them ideal for the grower who’s just looking to cool off with some dope-a** dope.

If you are looking for a recommendation, the reviewers, users, and a bit of the old personal experience tell us that these guy’s Bubblegum Kush is absolutely stellar. Flavor is off the chart and it smells like the gum the girl next door was always chewing. The buds are massive and covered in that sticky resin we love so much. It puts you on the couch while leaving your mind active enough to think about how good you feel and it grows like a champ in all types of environments. We got these babies here by the 5 packs at a great price, check them out.

00seeds makes both auto-flowering and regular seeds covering all your needs and us Ice Heads have got you covered. We’re making sure to let the world know about this soon-to-be famous seedbank before the posers come in and act like they’ve been on this scene like we have. To boot, we’re practically giving these suckers away at this price. Order up and let us serve you a discreet package to wherever you want with our fast shipping and tell us what you think about the under-the-radar gods of the Indica at 00seeds.

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