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710 Genetics

710 Genetics - Fools Gold Seeds

SKU: 710-genetics-fools-gold

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710 Genetics - Fools Gold Seeds

SKU: 710-genetics-fools-gold


Fool’s Gold is 710 Genetics’ attempt at a massive yielding Indica hybrid with one of the shortest flowering times in the biz. It’s all about mass productions of amazing chill-a** Cannabis perfect for that narcotic pain-killing all the Medical Dispensaries are prescribing nowadays. Huge buds that pop up in only 55 days, Fool’s Gold is a monster!

• 100% Stabilized Feminized Seeds
• Monster Yields with Short Flowering Periods
• 710 Genetics Original –Can’t be found elsewhere!

This kick-a** strain produces an intense skunky smell with its hints of fruits in it leaving you that dank taste with a refreshing sweetness at the end. Really delicious for those who enjoy savoring or vaping their Cannabis. As for effects, imagine a super strong Indica with its couch-locking stupor mixed with a bit of an uplift from the Sativa end. Quite nice for a relaxing rainy day or getting some rest at night. Recommended for those with insomnia or chronic pain conditions, it’ll take that edge right off. Fool’s Gold came about through a mixture of the legendary Big Bud strains and a legit OG Skunk #1, that’s quite the impressive lineage! These seeds are a great choice for just about anyone, as it grows nice and stocky but still keeping huge yields despite that 55 day flowering time. Mass production meets Top-quality!

Oh, and with this specific line you don’t have to worry about those pesky males either. These amazing Cannabis Seeds come 100% fully Feminized and fresh right out of the box. Ease of use, insane quality, and massive yields! Come on now, what are you waiting for? Do be careful though, guys, these seeds are only for sale through the Ice Head Shop as souvenirs. This means no growing, no planting, even accidentally. We want everyone safe!

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Vital Stats

Additional Information

SEEDBANK 710 Genetics
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Type / Sex 710 Genetics
Strain Cheese strains
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 8 Weeks or Less
Flowering Time Outdoors Mid September
Indica / Sativa Indica Dominant
THC Strong
Yield Average

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