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Back in the day Cannabis breeders started up and getting popular there were certain strains that were a cut above the rest. Better yield, better smells, better tastes, and obviously better feelings came about from these plants. These were the ones that we based a lot of our current genetics on, but over time much of it has been diluted into nearly unrecognizable forms compared to the original. But the guys over at Ace Seeds saw this coming and put their minds towards conservation. Now, I don’t know about you, but this is a creed that we Ice Heads can get behind. We’re making these pure quality strains available to you.

  • High quality genetics
  • Conservation efforts for the good of the plant
  • Spain based seed bank

Quality, quality, and did I mention quality? That’s what you’re looking at with Ace Seeds. With the globalization of the Cannabis trade as well as the wars against the plant being waged by the powers that be there is a real risk of losing some of the cherished quality strains we’ve grown to love. They even have some Asian strains that are just not that common, they never really made it into a lot of the western breeding scenes. Hey, and not only that they’re taking these strains and breeding them together in new ways never before seen. That’s why we’re backing Ace Seeds, how can you argue against a mission statement that just wants to bring out the full potential of our favorite plant?

So bing bang boom we’ve got quality genetics and great breeders on an awesome mission. What more could you want? Oh, that’s right you’ve also got the backing of Ice Head saying “Yeah, these are great you want some?” and offering you great prices with discreet and quick shipping. I’m not sure how you could argue at this point, go on order some.

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