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Let me describe a scene. You’re sitting at a “coffee shop” in Amsterdam, you order up some dankedy-dank buds and sit back for a nice relaxing smoke. It’s a beautiful spring day, you have great company, and you’re so chill at this point nothing could possible go wrong. You find yourself thinking, ”Man, I wish I could get the seeds for this stuff.” Well there’s a good chance that the weed you’re thinking about was brought to you by none-other than the legendary AllStar Genetics seedbank located in Amsterdam. These cats helped put that scene on the map back in the 90’s and they still continue to this day striving for the best genetics in the world.

  • Classic Amsterdam Seed Bank
  • Award Winning Strains
  • Unique and Stringent Breeding Program
  • 95% Germination Rates

Every strain by these guys are crafted to be award-winning super plants with a mixture of old-school and new-school genetics. AllStars breeders have been working on this scene since the early 90’s and have been collecting the best of the best seeds they could get their hands on. They weren’t acting as a SeedBank back in those days, but their efforts still had a big part in putting that whole scene where it is now. What we’re saying is these guys are the pros. They’ve been doing it a long time and all that sticky goodness we’ve come to enjoy today wouldn’t be possible without guys like the ones at AllStar Genetics.

If you’re looking for strains that are out of this world in both quality and uniqueness from the breeders that made today’s Cannabis possible, then look no farther. You won’t be finding varieties like this elsewhere, these award-winning strains are unique to AllStar’s roster and they’re all made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality upon arrival.AllStar Genetics in cooperation with the cool guys at Ice Head Shop are bringing this world of Cannabis to you with our renowned packaging and quick shipping and unbeatable prices. 

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