We’ve all been keeping up with the news from our brothers over in the states, right? They’ve been legalizing Cannabis all over the place and those wonderful Colorado-ites have made it so you can smoke both medically and recreationally over there. Now you can just imagine that this has had a bit of a booming effect on the breeding scene, and that’s where Archive Seeds comes in. They’ve been a local favorite over there in the medical Cannabis community for a little bit, headed up by ThaDocta. They’re kind of underground, for now, but for you hipsters out there this is your chance to say, “Yeah I was getting my sh*t from the ThaDocta at Archive Seeds before it was cool, Ice Head Shop really hooked me up.”

  • Huge 12 packs of Seeds
  • Only available in high quality regular seeds
  • World famous American Genetics

A lot of American’s only make regular seeds, which is non-feminized, because it helps stop their strains from getting polluted through inbreeding. Archive Seeds is not an exception to this rule, but luckily these girls aren’t coming in 3 or 5 packs, we got ourselves massive 12 packs. Got to watch out for the boys growing, but to make up for this you’re talking seeds that absolutely tip the scales for power, quality, taste, yield, and of course the effects on your brains that we all crave are just astronomical.

Let us introduce you to ThaDocta at Archive Seeds before they explode even more onto the scene. We’re talking some of the best genetics in the world delivered to your doorstep, quickly and discreetly as always, by us Ice Heads at the Ice Head Shop for an amazing price. What are you even doing still reading? Go order now. Or, alternatively, check out our thousands of other selections we’ve got lined up for you. You really can’t go wrong at this point, our lineup is the t*ts.

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