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Can it really be true? Superior genetics within an autoflowering cannabis seed? Poppycock! That’s unheard of —that’s astounding—that’s Auto Seeds. Yep, these Spanish breeders are on a mission to bring out the best of the best genetics in the simple and fast to grow autoflowering cannabis. They wanted to create Auto Seeds that could stand with the best strains in the world, creating a new type of seed, the Super Auto. And let me tell you, chum, they knocked it right out of the park in their ambitions.

  • World renowned Spanish Genetics
  • Intense testing methods to ensure absolute quality with every seed
  • Quick and easy to grow

We’re offering up some amazing strains in the auto variety here, if you’re not sure where to start let me tell you that no one has ever complained about a quick growing, high yielding, potent Auto Chemdog Seed before. Looking for something pretty? That Berry Ryder is just a gorgeous piece of work. Or check out the Purple Cheese, it’s like a work of art. Oh, you want yields? Take a gander at the Auto Pounder, shoots up like nothing I’ve ever seen before—just massive yields coming from this girl. All you have to do with these seeds is sit back and relax and watch them grow, that’s the idea behind Auto Seeds and it’s one we here at the Ice Head Shop support 100%. Got to love passionate breeders who care about their genetics, it’s truly an art form.

Quick and easy to grow, huge yields, underheard of potency, and some of the best genetics on the market in autoflowering seeds make these Super Autos and you’re only going to get these from Auto Seeds. But don’t worry, if autos aren’t your bag Ice Head Shop’s got you covered in every department under the sun from regular cannabis seeds to feminized seeds. We’ve got the widest selection out there, with shipping and prices that are just unheard of.  

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