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British Columbia has been known since the early days of Cannabis breeding as of the best areas for extreme genetics. In some dialects calling Cannabis “beasters” is akin to saying this is the best sh*t ever come try this. That’s because BC has been producing amazing MMJ before everyone else caught on. We here at the Ice Head Shop are proud to have this incredible line-up from the BC Bud Depot. They’ve been winning cup after cup with their stellar genetics and they do not disappoint one bit.

  • Award Winning Genetics from the Legendary British Columbia
  • Excellent Prices Only Available at The Ice Head Shop
  • Legendary Lineages Taken to their Pinnacle

These are the buds for the true Cannabis connoisseur and the beginner alike. We recommend The Purps, which won its own cup back in 2014. It’s a quick grower with a flowering time of only 7-8 weeks, looks absolutely gorgeous, tastes like grapes, and takes you to moon in just a couple hits. It’s claimed to be an excellent medical strain as well, with many claiming it lifted them right out of depression. Oh, and it’s a bit of an aphrodisiac as well so watch yourself around the opposite sex with this one, might just have yourself a great time. Looking for something a little bit more sedating? We’ve got the Night Nurse strain as well, a hybridized version of BC Hash Plant, Reeferman Harmony, and Fire OG Kush with massive yields. It’s covered in that sticky goo we all love so much and melts anxiety away in an instant. Got to love good genetics.

With this many award winners and amazing strains going for them it’s hard to say no to BC Bud Depot. We Ice Heads are offering these at unbeatable prices, go on try to find better, with our guarantee of discreet and blazing fast shipping all over the world. How are you going to beat that?

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