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What makes great cannabis seeds for beginners?

Over many years cannabis seeds have been cultivated by breeders and we’re lucky enough to now have a wide range of choice when it comes to seeds that offer favourable characteristics for beginners.

Typically they are happy whether it’s hot or cold and whether they are kept indoors or outside, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about storage and management of your new seeds. They are also quite hardy and resistant to mistakes beginners might be more prone to make, making them excellent for learning.

Seeds that are popular for beginners include all types but expect to find and hear more about seeds that have been developed to autoflower and seeds that are feminised. Auto fem hybrids are the easiest option; they flower automatically and only produce females.

Start as you mean to go on

With anything you collect, you want each version to be impeccable and have no loose ends or duds in the pack bringing the whole thing down, so start as you mean to go on! Our range of beginner seeds only includes high quality seeds with stable genetics, including legendary strains from leading seed banks like Dr Krippling, Royal Queen Seeds, Cream of the Crop and of course, our very own ICE Seed Bank!

Pick from autos, hybrids and favourites such as Northern Lights, White Widow and Skunk. Whatever you pick, you can’t go wrong with any in this selection.

Build your collection today

Personally selected by us at ICE Headshop, enjoy shopping our range of beginner seeds to get your collection moving in the best direction today! For more information on any of these seeds, and any seeds on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. With many years of experience with seeds, we’re passionate, dedicated and pleased to share what we know.

Just remember, you must be 18 years or older to order and it is illegal to germinate seeds in the UK and many other countries. These seeds are sold only to collect, be used as fishing bait or bird seed. They are not for germination.