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Look at that jolly fellow. Don’t you want to be feeling what he’s got going on? Big Buddha Seeds have more than earned their rep for being some of the best and most popular seeds on the planet. That Buddha grin is no exaggeration, he’s up there with the greats when it comes to breeding excellent Cannabis Seeds. The Cannabis world is aware of it, awarding Big Buddha award after award for greatness in their products. It’s not all hype with these guys, we’re talking the best of the best quality Cannabis on the market.

  • Award Winning Genetics
  • Famous and Unique Strains Such as the Buddha Cheese
  • Great for the Connoisseur and the Amateur alike

These guys are one of the biggest Cannabis Seed breeders on the planet, and for good reason. They’ve taken their plants to the next level again and again, you can always trust the Buddha. Go on, check them out, see if you can find just one of these seeds that isn’t held to the highest standards of excellence. I dare you. You don’t get to be as recognized as Big Buddha without serious quality backing you. I personally recommend the Buddha Cheese, obviously it’s their specialty, but the Sour Chiesel is a favorite as well across the board. Go through the catalogue and pick one out that looks interesting to you. Big Buddha and Ice Head Shop won’t steer you wrong, guaranteed.

With Ice Head Shop and Big Buddha together you really can’t go wrong. Big Buddha backs their sh*t to the highest standards and we wouldn’t bother to carry them if they weren’t amazing. Check them out, we’ve got the best prices on them for the market. Oh, and don’t forget our speedy and discreet shipping all across the world. Get a nice big Buddha grin on your face with Big Buddha seeds, the best of the best for a steal.

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