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If you’re out for the quickest growing fattest buds on the planet look no farther than Black Skull Seed Bank. They’ve spent the past years working with the best genetics afforded to them in Catalonia Spain to create insanely fast growing and high yield Marijuana that is easily world-class. They’re a bit underground too, doesn’t mean they’re bad though just means the world hasn’t caught up to their crazy good Cannabis Seeds yet. But, they’re about to with the help of yours truly at the Ice Head Shop.

  • Some of the Quickest Growing Highest Yield Plants Around
  • Spanish Quality Genetics
  • Passionate Breeders Who are Absolutely in Love with the Plant

The best of breeders tend to have a long history with Cannabis. This goes well in line with the back story of Black Skull Seed Bank. They’re a pair of growers from the UK who have been infatuated with our lovely plant for most of their lives. But, because of the UK’s draconian style Marijuana laws they felt hampered in their progress to breed the plants they truly wanted. During their early years they would go out to Amsterdam and bring back the best strains they could fine, but they felt it was becoming too risky to deal with the UK. So they relocated to sunny Catalonia, Spain and the rest is history. They’ve got potent high yield strains that grow in about 7-8 weeks, and these are there feminized seeds. They may have some of the best auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds in the world as well. These guys aren’t out there pushing their names in fancy magazines and trade shows, just good old fashioned word of mouth has gotten them where they’re at today.

Ice Head Shop is bringing these passionate breeders straight to you with our amazing delivery service and quality, discreet packaging. Oh, and the prices? Best on the market. Black Skull Seed Bank is well worth your time as these guys are some of the best in the business and we stand by that statement. Check them out!

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