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British Columbia Seeds - Auto Northern Lights Seeds
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North American Seeds from North America’s oldest seed bank in current operation. BC Seed Company has been listed as the top seed bank of 2016 for the quality of their Cannabis, their absolutely consistent germination rates, and amazing prices. They’ve been in the game a long time and have been improving their quality constantly since then. Literally decades of research and genetic development since the 1970’s. The quality of Seeds at the BC Seed Company are not exaggerated and the reviews seem to match up. Offering Cannabis Seeds that are world-class and carefully monitored to ensure potency of yields and genetics, BC Seed Company is incredible.

British Columbia became world renowned as the leader of potent Cannabis, especially for Medical Marijuana use years back. Certain areas even call top-notch strains “beasters” referring to the plant as strong as a BC bud. A lot of the legends surrounding the province of Canada was due in no small part to these guys right here at the BC Seed Company. I got to say, they really live up to their legendary status. Potency is the name of the game with both high CBD and high THC strains. If you’re not looking to mess around BC Seed Company is golden.

So we’ve got top-notch genetics, astoundingly potent Cannabis strains, and a trusted leader in the industry to boot. What’s not to love about the BC Seed Company as the place for your seed supplier? Ice Head Shop is offering our amazingly great prices and our hush-hush speedy delivery options to you right now while supplies last. BC Seeds are way sought after, don’t take too long now you’re going to want these girls ASAP.