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You trying to get your hands on some dank mother-f*cking auto-flowering Cannabis seeds? Well Ice Head Shop has you covered with Buddha seeds. These guys are the specialists when it comes to the best auto-flowerings strains known to man. Quality is the name of the game with them. They’re a little underground, but they’ve been around for a while as one of the first seed banks to offer incredible auto-flowering strains to the masses.  They’re well respecting in the breeding community and their reviews are phenomenal. Us Ice Heads vouch for them at least, we wouldn’t bother carrying them otherwise.

A seed bank that produces mostly auto-flowering seeds has to be excellent as far as we’re concerned for us to carry them. But with strains like Quasar that produces huge amounts of bud in just a little bit of time, Buddha Seeds is able to fit that bill just fine. They’re doing some really cool stuff with auto-flowering cannabis strains at Buddha Seeds, well worth checking out if that’s your current bag. Everything comes down to quality with these guys, and the seeds are just that.

So, Cannabis Seeds that grow quick, have great yields, taste amazing, and having unique strains such as the Quasar and Red Dwarf? Sounds good to me and everyone else here at the Ice Head Shop. We strive to provide that uniqueness and edge that none of the suppliers seem to quite understand, we don’t always want the same kind of Marijuana Seeds we’ve got to try something new and different and see where that takes us. Life’s an adventure and your Cannabis can be too with Buddha Seeds and Ice Head Shop alongside. We’ll ship that right to you with unbeatable prices and that super sneaky quick shipping you all seem to enjoy so much. Guaranteed.