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Medicinal Marijuana, what a brilliant idea. We’ve been using it collectively as medicine for thousands of years, but isn’t it just grand that it’s coming back? If you’re looking for solid medicinal Cannabis CBD Crew Seeds is basically the end-all-be-all. Through a bunch of fancy scientific know-how they’ve produced a line of seeds that have a perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This means that all those medical benefits are at their fullest potential on both sides of the Marijuana chemistry party. They’ve got a little bit of a small selection, but don’t let that full you, these girls are HIGHLY effective and absolutely the pinnacle of Medical Marijuana Science.

  • Back By the Greatest Minds in Cannabis Research
  • Evenly Split Between Indica and Sativa Genes
  • Refined Down to a Point With a Perfect 1:1 CBD to THC ratio

These aren’t the seeds you want if you’re trying to maximize your baked-ness, but if you’re just trying to calm down, relax, go to bed, or get a bit of pain relief then these are what you want. Pure medicine for the body and the soul, with science to back it. All kinds of research has been done with CBD, it’s absolutely incredible how good it is for you. Look it up, we’re not liein’.

Now, being said, we’re no medical professionals and we’re certainly not advocating the consumption of that ghastly nuisance of Marijuana. We’re just purveyors of fine, fine Cannabis Seeds who want the best of the best to reach you. Ice Head Shop has got that down to a science just like our friends at the CBD Crew and their marvelous, miraculous, healing Cannabis seeds. Order up and we’ll send them to you in our proprietary, stealthy, and quick shipping while giving you the excellent prices and customer service you’ve come to expect and deserve from us. 

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