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Way back in the ancient ages of Cannabis breeding, 2002, Critical Lee came out with an incredible strain known as the Monster Mass Strain. People adored this strain with its intense potency and massive yields, so much so that Lee began to share it with friends. This was the start of what we have today where the Critical Mass Collective operates solely on the principle of only the highest quality hybrids between that original Monster Mass and other plants to create a massive and incredible diverse gene pool. All breeders in this collective share an intense passion for the Critical Mass Strains and have a combined 100+ years of breeding experience to back them up. This has lead up to them creating some of the freshest, dopest, and most viable cannabis seeds possible.

  • All Improved Critical Mass Hybrids
  • Freshness Ensured by Small Batches
  • Perfection in Quality Control and all Batches Fully Tested

Not just anyone can mix a seed together with the Critical Mass Strains and say they’re part of the collective. No way. Each and every hybrid is tested to an absolutely insane level over and over again and they must consistently be delivering the highest of marks all across the board, in any environment, and with multiple testers of all levels of experience. If they can pass this rigorous testing then they finally get “Critical Lee Acclaimed” proving to the world that this strain is top-notch and can’t be beat.

                After all this rigorous testing, there can’t be much else they do to ensure quality, right? Wrong-o. All seeds are grown in a 100% organic environment using AACTs (actively aerated compost teas). This method has been showing to make the healthiest mother full of the biggest and guaranteed viable Cannabis seeds, either feminized or fully automatic. After this the seeds are taken to a special climate controlled facility, for a very short amount of storage time, before they’re carefully picked through and packed by hand into state-of-the-art packaging that ensures no damage can occur while shipping. This is all to ensure only Grade A products from Critical Mass Collective, and all packages include serial numbers to trace back to the original batch –just in case.

                If this doesn’t show that Ice Head Shop is trying to bring you the best of the best at the lowest of the low prices, I’m not sure what will. Go get you some high-test Cannabis seeds from Critical Mass Collective.

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