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Explosive yields and Extreme Potency coming at you from the best UK Cannabis Seed producer on the market. Dr. Krippling is the doc you want your medication from, and a lot of others do too because his brand is tearing up the market right now. This line of seeds keeps getting bigger and bigger with awesome feminized and autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Dr. Krippling decided he wanted to be producing the most massive Cannabis out there, and he used his PHD in Awesome to make it happen.

  • Based out of the UK, but spread out Globally
  • The Best Cannabis Scientists out there Working to Bring Extreme Cannabis Seeds
  • The Biggest Yields, Highest Potency, and the most Robust flavors

His brand was pretty underground until recently, when the world realized that this sh*t is crazy good. In the wake of this massive expansion Dr. Krippling has brought together a network of the best breeders on the planet and now claim ownership to a huge variety of original strains sourced from all over the planet. This seedbank is on a quest to find the biggest producing Cannabis seeds on the market, with strains like The Incredible Bulk that may actually be the biggest plant out there in the Cannabis industry.

Dr. Krippling is passionate and fully-committed to this goal of crazy growing and potent Super producing Cannabis Seeds to bring to the community, and that’s something the Ice Head Shop is 100% behind. The Ice Heads here recommend the brand not only due to the price, but the sheer variety and quality that is being offered with strains unlike anything you have seen before. All types of auto-flowering and feminized Cannabis seeds are available that are guaranteed to flip your lid. Ice Head Shop has got your back no matter what you’re looking for with speedy and discreet delivery with the low-low prices you’ve come to love and expect. Check out the catalogue, seriously!

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