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Get your Medical Marijuana from the doc himself. Dr. Underground is bringing out the best of the best feminized Cannabis Seeds to any and all of his patients who are looking for quality stuff at good prices. With a huge list of truly spectacular hybrids than can help fix any and all woes and maladies, Dr. Underground is the man. All seeds are 100% High-Quality, Top-Notch Cannabis Seeds at a great price. It’s just what the Doctor ordered.

  • Truly Unique and Potent Hybridized Cannabis Seeds from All Over the World
  • All Top-Notch Medical Grade Cannabis
  • Some of the best Price on the Market for this good of gear

The Doc started up his clinic back in 2009 and has been making a bit of a splash on the scene since then. But, as his name sake says, he is definitely a little bit unknown. Doesn’t matter, that just means this Doc’s dank is made in small enough batches to ensure perfect consistency throughout. You’ll be hard-pressed to find Cannabis Seeds that have had more care and assurances go into them to be certain of impressive germination rates and near perfect genetics. Why wouldn’t you trust the Doc for your next order?

Be on the lookout because Dr. Underground is blowing up on the Cannabis scene and now’s your chance to get in early before everyone else joins the bandwagon. You can say, “Yeah, I used to buy Dr. Underground’s seeds back when he was Underground,” you Cannabis hipster. As always we’re striving to bring you the best of the best from known and unknown breeders around the world here at Ice Head Shop. If Dr. Underground doesn’t sound like your bag go ahead and check out the rest of our site, we’re sure to have something that’ll suit your taste from the eclectic to the classics.

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