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Maybe it wasn’t an apple that got Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden, maybe they were smokin’ top-quality primo Cannabis like the kind they got here at Eva Seeds. These guys aren’t messing around they’ve got a huge line-up of connoisseur-grade Cannabis for shockingly low prices. The flavours are amazing and the power is intense. You feeling tempted yet? Take a bite out of this Apple.

Eva Seeds had the bright idea of trying to get the Amateur Growers involved more by making top-quality genetics that are easy to grow with intense yields through their awesome Female Seeds at a price that isn’t going to break the bank. All strains are selected, tested, and tested again to ensure ease of growth, top-quality yields, mouth-watering aromas, and the absolutely intense potencies. Perfection for any grower, but absolutely a dream come true for the new and amateur grower. Oh, and did I mention their multiple awards for their luxurious strains? 7 different European Cannabis trophies in the year 2012 alone. That’s incredible! So give it a try, what’s it going to hurt?

We here at the Ice Head Shop are always trying to hook you, our dedicated and awesome customers, with the best yielding, potent, and just plain tasty Cannabis out there. If Eva Seeds doesn’t sound like your bag we’ve got plenty more for you to check out, over a hundred different vendors trust us enough to carry their quality products. No doubt it’s because of our amazing reputation through customers like you. Us Ice Heads wouldn’t be offering no trash to you, we only got the best-of-the-best and we offer the lowest prices on the Best Cannabis Seeds on the market with super stealth and lightning-fast shipping straight to anywhere in the world.