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Leaders in Quality Fast-Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis seeds, Fast Buds Seeds has Cannabis that with explosive yields at a shockingly fast pace. These Master Cannabis Breeders said no to the idea of choosing between the potency of photoperiod seeds and the fast growing automatics. They went ahead and spent years of research to ensure we could all have our cake and eat it too. Not only that, they went above and beyond and did all this to everyone’s favorite West Coast Genetics like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue and West Coast OG which were formerly clone-only strains available to only those living on the correct side of the Pacific.

  • Founded in 2010 by Breeders with Decades of Experience.
  • Offices in Both US and Europe with Amazing West Coast US Genetics
  • Top-Tending Strains Automated With the Best Genuine Canadian Ruderalis

Fast Bud’s breeding program is just plain superior to what most are offering in terms of Automatics. Their team went above and beyond in their quest to ensure quickness of growth and quality on all the popular strains they could get their hands on. The colours and aromas are what you’d expect from high-quality genetics with THC ratings in the high teens to topping over 20%. Remember kids, these are auto-flowering seeds. THC content like this is basically unheard of in a seed that crops up all on its own.

To create these amazing seeds, Fast Buds reached out to their friends and connections all up and down California to get the most exquisite genetics they could possibly find and then they cross them with their own in-house bred Canadian Ruderalis and then bred generation after to generation to ensure maximum stability in their genome. Then, after this is all said and done, they are fully sampled and tested in multiple environments to be sure that these girls are doing what they’re supposed to. Incredible quick growing seeds that won’t make you give up anything for ease and quickness. How can you even say not?

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