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Female Seeds is a Female Cannabis Seed Breeding specialist based out of the Netherlands. They’re mission is to produce only the absolute finest feminized Cannabis Seeds that produce reliably to the standard the strain is meant for. If a batch is ever reported faulty, they immediately destroy the whole thing and start over to ensure no bad genetics get mixed in here. Female Seeds’ Cannabis Seeds are always of pristine quality and they’ve earned this reputation through years of hard work.

Absolutely everything at Female Seeds is fully feminized without losing any of their maximum potential. Want Indica Seeds? Of course we have them. Sativa? You bet your sweet a**. What did I just say? Everything, and I mean everything here is fully feminized. Just take look at these sexy ladies.

  • The Best Feminized Seeds on the Planet
  • Huge Selection of Stable, Potent, and Super Yielding Strains
  • Amazing Prices with Top Quality

With these plants being ladies and all, it only seems right that the colors of the plants match up. If you take a look through Ice Head Shop’s menu of Female Seeds here you’ll notice that these girls have great fashion sense. Some of the most beautiful plants around with eye-popping bright colors that just look heavenly. Bright and purple goodness is all you’re going to find at Female Seeds.

Being said, we know looks aren’t everything. Beauty is only skin deep after all, and we here know that is all too true at Ice Head Shop (from personal experience). Luckily, these Female Seeds are attractive all the way to their soul with amazing power and heightened yields that really hard to believe without seeing. So go on a date with one of these pretty ladies. Get to know them, I promise they’re the real deal.

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