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The Flying Dutchmen has been working with large Scale selective and highly tested breeding programs for the past two decades have led to some exceptional and very stable hybrids. The guy behind this whole program is named Eddy and is one of the people that helped stabilized the original Haze and Skunk #1 (The Pure). By 1984 Eddy was making his seeds available to wholesalers and after several years even more quality varieties joined his massive collection of Cannabis Hybrids.

  • Years of Experience
  • Trusted Amsterdam Legend
  • Insane Genetics Dating Back to the Originals come from the US in the 80’s


The famous Flying Dutchmen shop in Amsterdam has been selling top quality Cannabis Seeds since 1998 when this luxurious store opened up facing the Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum just across the canal. A breeder named Eddy founded the company as he was working with original and hybrid genetics brought over from the US to the Netherlands back in the eighties. After a time working on these he ended up teaming with Cannabis super-star Ben Dronkers, of Sensi Seeds fame, and the two have been working together for over two decades. Eventually Flying Dutchmen merged the two companies and now the amazing library Eddy had collected was bumped to the next level with Sensi Seeds.

The rest is history, these two companies are responsible for much of the massive Cannabis community we see today, especially in the Netherlands. You really can’t go wrong with seeds from the Flying Dutchmen, over three decades of research has led to what are easily the best genetics on the planet with tons of research being poured into them during this time to ensure maximum quality on all fronts. Order up and get these legendary seeds at the Ice Head Shop for the lowest prices in the world.

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