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Legendary and Elite Cannabis phenotypes are all you’re going to find here at GGG. All plants undergo an extensive selection process until only the best of the best champions are left. This provides only the highest yields and vigorous plants that are stable easy to grow for both new and seasoned breeders. Gage Green Group Seeds have collected genetics from rare and authentic clone-only genetics from all over the world. This has allowed more connoisseurs than ever to try legendary strains without having to travel the globe to get to them.

  • Extensive and Rigorous Testing to Ensure the Best of the Best
  • Rare and Clone-Only Strains Available Nowhere else
  • The Best Connoisseur and Medical Grade Cannabis

Located in California, USA Gage Green Group is striving to provide only top-tier genetics to the massive community of Cannabis enthusiasts there. CA is known for their dank buds, so Gage Green Group stepped up their game and improved upon the already legendary strains available throughout the state. Beyond all this, they’re environmentally conscious and a huge part of their neighborhood and community around them. They believe in positivity in all things, and Ice Head Shop supports this message all the way. Righteous brothers! Keep it up.

Dope Genetics from California by some real cool guys taking our favorite strains and making them better, I’m not sure what more I could ask for. How about the best prices on the ‘net and shipping that’s so secretive and quick you won’t believe your eyes? Oh yeah, you’ve got that too here at the Ice Head Shop. Take a look around, you won’t go wrong with Gage Green Group or one of our other hundreds of other Seed Banks we’ve hand-selected to ensure on the best can get through to you if ordered through us.

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