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Genehtik Seeds is the result of a long laborious process with years of work on their Seed Farm to bring the best out in their Genetic Material. Working with Breeders and Growers these guys took notes, and said we can do this. Since the late 90’s they’ve been pumping out strain after strain of awesome dank with truly crazy hybrids that are unique to Genehtik Seeds’ line up. They might be one of the best kept secrets of the Cannabis scene, somehow staying underground and focusing all their efforts into making some seriously unique strains for decades now.

These guys are really messing with the Cannabis genome, in a good way. Take Goxuak, for instance, it’s a cross between an award-winning strains of AK-47 and mixed with one of Genehtik Seeds proprietary auto-flowering Ruderalises. What results is an absolutely potent Sativa dominant plant with giant yields that springs up in just 65 days. It’s absolutely wild! Of course we here at Ice Head Shop are going to be bringing these guys to you, we don’t want to keep this secret for ourselves.

Yep, truly unique plants coming out of the secret lab that Genehtik Seeds has. These guys are worth a looksee for sure. Even if Genehtik isn’t quite your bag, though, you’ve got to take a browse around the rest of Ice Head Shop. We have only the highest quality dank from the coolest vendors we could find. All our banks are tried and true, and we negotiate with them to get the best prices for you. You won’t find better prices on the ‘net and don’t even get me started on our shipping. Secret AND quick? You can’t beat it, you just can’t! Check it all out guys, we’ve got it goin’ on!