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Greatness! Pure and simple greatness. That’s what Genofarm bank is offering with their line of delectably delicious and shockingly potent Cannabis strains. These cats know what they’re doing and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Now, they don’t have that big of a web presence currently. But, they don’t need to. One try of some of these ridiculously good Cannabis Seeds is all someone needs to talk about Genofarm for the rest of their lives. Award winning is an understatement, the amount of Cups they have gotten in the last few years is staggering. Genofarm is on track to legend status.

I wish I could be you right now. Just hearing about Genofarm Seedbank for the first time. If you’re a close follower of cup winners, like the fans at Ice Head Shop you’ve seen Genofarm pop up more than once. They’ve been at this for more than 15 years, starting up officially back in 2002 after years of research and development on their own seeds. See the thing is with these guys is that they’re just plain passionate growers and breeders but they leave most of the salesmanship up to their followers and the Seed guys take care of the rest. So we here at Ice Head Shop are spreading the good word of GenoFarm Seeds, trust us here guys this is some of the highest quality stuff on the planet.

Straight up good and tasty dank for incredible prices, it’s hard to beat a company like GenoFarm Seeds especially when you’re combining it with Ice Head Shop’s always good customer service and the lowest prices on the net. Check them out, see if you can find something you like. We’ll get it to you lightning quick.