From parts unknown bringing the hottest new strains of dope we’ve seen in a while, Goodhouse Seeds is the real deal when it comes to quality Cannabis at amazing prices. These guys are keeping a lot of their presence a secret, but the seeds speak for themselves. They’ve recently started to win awards for strains like their Hash Balls #2 and Kalimero #1 in Europe and the reviews keep coming in, Goodhouse Seeds is the sh*t. We’re not going to steer you wrong at the Ice Head Shop, Goodhouse stands with the champs.

  • High Quality Genetics Using State-of-the-Art Modern Breeding Techniques
  • Award-Winning Strains
  • Low Prices on 10 Packs of Top-Tier Cannabis Seeds

Goodhouse has been setting new standards for Cannabis Seeds since their short time on the scene, but they keep a lot of their proprietary techniques on the down-low. Their quality genetics and rave reviews around the web and on the streets really do just speak for themselves, though. Maybe we can’t tell you everything you could ever want to know about these guys, but what we can tell you is that these seeds kick-a** and some of these hybrids are truly unique. Maximum Potency, High Yields, and Quick Grow Times; what more could you really want to know anyways?

Order Goodhouse Seeds at the Ice Head Shop the get these seeds at crazy low prices with the best customer service around, so you know we have your back! If Goodhouse Seeds doesn’t sound like your thing, oh well that’s fine. We have literal tons of other seedbanks and seeds to choose from all around. You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for with us Ice Heads, because we only stock the cream of the crop seeds, some you won’t even be able to find elsewhere. Check it all out, we got it goin’ on!

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