Grand Daddy Purp

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 Ken's Kush Seeds
Ken's Kush Seeds Grand Daddy Purp
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Grand Daddy Purpsis run by the righteous superstar Ken Estes, the original creator of that legendary strain: The Grand Daddy Purp. He saw Medical Marijuana patients getting ripped off by un-couth breeders looking to make a quick buck with inferior versions of his own product and genetically-lesser Cannabis Seeds. He said enough is enough and went into business on his own, turning the medical world upside down and bringing the Grand Daddy Purp back to its roots.

For Ken Estes, it’s about more than bringing ground-breaking and outstandingly good Cannabis Seeds that near perfection on almost every level which have been described as life-changing by many Medical Patients, it’s almost about activism and bringing the good news of Medical Cannabis to the entirety of the world. In this way Grand Daddy Purp’s, along with Ken Estes, advocate heavily for Medical Marijuana Patient Rights. This super team is going out of their to not only bring absolutely insane Cannabis of world-wide fame to the rest of us, but also making sure we can keep having it as our God-given right. Righteous is too simple of a word to describe this crusade, but it’s the one I’ve got. Keep it up Ken! You’re the man!

If you want the very best Medical Cannabis Genetics money is going to be able to afford you, look no farther than Grand Daddy Purps Seeds. Quality is the whole reason they even went into business, and they have lived up to their mission statement and upped the Medical game to a whole new level. Browse the catalogue, all their seeds are crossed with the original Grand Daddy Purp genetics that Estes himself created, you can’t go wrong with this line up at Ice Head Shop