Old School Genetics brought back to life with more a**-kickin’ power than ever before. HazeMan Seeds has over four decades of experience and are using every bit of that to keep the train goin’ on their line-up of OG and Old-School genetics. These seeds have been part of some seriously legendary lineages, they’re absolutely incredible! They specialize in the Haze strains for relaxation and peace of mind, with a solid line-up of tasty Indicas to keep you nice and satisfied. HazeMan is as old school as it gets, got to respect the classics. Check it out!

  • Long Time Highly Reputable Breeder
  • Outstanding Old-School Genetics Hard to find Elsewhere
  • Stellar Reviews Across the Web with Unbeatable Prices

These guys at HazeMan are so freakin’ old school that they don’t even have a website. They were a well-kept secret for a while, only known in elite breeding circles. Cats out of the bag now though, these guys have been exploding across the world just through word of mouth. It’s not surprising though if you think about it, they’ve cornered the market on OG Genetics with their amazing line-up of Haze Strains and Indicas and then they went ahead and offered their Seeds as full 12 packs for around what you’d be paying for a 5 pack at a lot of Seed Banks. Check out the ’88 G-13 x Hash Seeds, this baby has been the same since 1988 because why change perfection? It’s a bargain and the quality is world-class.

Unbeatable Old-School Genetics at rock-bottom prices, these are the seeds the legends started out with. Well worth checking out for any aspiring breeder just for the history alone. The seeds that started a revolution are now available to you through the Ice Head Shop. How cool is that? Ice cool.

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