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HeavyWeight Seeds is heading to the corner of the ring to deliver a powerful punch of Cannabis straight to you. These guys started pretty recently, back in 2008, and have been making some noise on the scene since then. All of their strains are based off of only the top stable Cannabis genetics available by those amazing breeders in Spain. Their strains were released on to the European Market in 2010 with a wide variety of tastes and types suitable for just about any discerning aficionado or amateur Seed collector. Built from the ground up, they’ve earned their reputation for consistently and quality guaranteed.

  • Spanish Quality Genetics You Know and Love
  • Cutting Edge Research and Development Means All Seeds are Top-of-the-Line
  • Huge Variety of Insane Indicas, Sativas, and Well-bred Hybrids

When their doors first opened HeavyWeight Seeds had amassed an expert team of breeders and scientists to help create what they hoped would be the best seeds in Spain. Their passionate display of Research and Development continues even now as they strive ever harder to bring the dankest dank of the unique Spanish Cannabis Climate to the masses. What’s more, they’ve developed a new variety of Autoflowering Feminized seeds that’ll make your head spin. Nothing is lost in quality, only quick growing guaranteed beautiful girls from these seeds.

HeavyWeight seeds is quickly gaining an international following as their strains get into more hands, and the Ice Head Shop is helping out the good fight by offering out standard but outstanding low prices on the entire catalogue. If that’s not enough we’ve got that speedy, yet oh so discreet ship that you all love so much on every item on this website. Check out HeavyWeight Seeds, one of the newest contenders in the Industry! Alternatively, browse the other hundreds of Seedbanks we’re offering up to you, we’ve got their credentials and they all check out. 

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