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Explore the entirety of Hortilab’s wicked Seeds, they’ve cultured and discovered seeds from around the world give us all the greatest Cannabis Seeds imaginable. Exotic and tantalizing these babies are potent as all hell while never sacrificing luxurious tastes and massive growth yields, the perfect combination. It’s not just a bunch of hype either, they’ve won numerous illustrious awards throughout the years for multiple strains. These guys aren’t afraid of experimentation and their wide range of truly unique plants speaks volumes for their dedication to the breeding scene.

The guys behind this project started about 12 years ago while working in the Spice of Life Seedsbank in Switzerland. After much research into the fields, and the hands on experience at Spice of Life, they looked around and saw that the true potential of Cannabis was still not being fully tapped by many breeders. They turned to exotic strains that were highly under-utilized and went about creating their own seed company, Hortilab Seeds. Here they began the process of crossing seeds from all across Europe and the Americas, paying close attention to rare seeds as to make a name for their genetics as truly wonderful. The litany of prizes and awards that have followed since starting up prove that these guys are brilliant. These Cannabis Seeds are righteous!

We got crazy genetics, potency to spades, huge yielders, and mouther-watering flavors. There isn’t much more you could ask for in a SeedBank, so that’s why we carry them. Ice Head Shop is always looking out for you crazy kids and we want to show you the coolest and most interesting Cannabis Seeds we can find out there. Quality is always guaranteed as well as the best prices on the net. Go ahead and look around, we’re confident in this selection.