Humboldt Seed Organisation

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There’s gold in them hills! Figuratively and literally. Humboldt County in California is well-known for its quality Cannabis strains that have been coming out of the area for the past few decades. Part of this was because of the diverse atmosphere the area attracted, with its beautiful environment and remoteness, the eclectic and the adventurous to this paradise. This was the beginnings of the counter-culture in the 60’s where the love of the organic and nature brought about the top Weed Seeds that we know and love today. Humboldt played no small part in the current Cannabis Culture we’re all now part of. History, baby, it’s good stuff.

  • Genetics from the Proven California Humboldt Genetics
  • 100% Feminized
  • Elite and Legendary Strains

The Humboldt Seed Organization has taken to bringing together all these incredible breeders around them with the amazing genetics and perfect growing climate of the area to culminate the perfect selection of genuine West Coast Genetics for everyone else in the world who isn’t quite lucky enough to live there. With Humboldt Seeds you don’t have to wish you could own one of these super strains, it’s available to you anywhere in the world. That’s right, OG kush and the original Trainwreck as well as a ton of other famous strains are right here at the Humboldt Seed Organization in the form of 100% feminized Cannabis Seeds. Talk about tantalizing.

Being able to own one of these strains is a dream come true for us out here in the wastelands, luckily we found the Humboldt Seed Organization as our oasis. Order up here at the Ice Head Shop for the best prices and discreet shipping you all rave about. You won’t be able to find this elsewhere people, how many times do I got to say it?