Joint Doctor (Lowryder)

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On a mission to preserve top Cannabis Strains whilst simultaneous working on legal reform for the rest of us by taking the battle to the front lines, the Doc has got the best Seeds out there and his priorities are to be admired. The Joint Doctor is home of the true original Lowryder, the world’s leading Autoflowering strain. There’s nothing else quite like it out there, don’t mess around with copy-cats go for the original with The Doc.

  • Discreet and low-profile Cannabis Seeds
  • Quick and Potent Seeds for Ease of Use
  • The Originator of the World Famous Lowryder Strain

The Joint Doctor saw how many people were out there struggling with the war on drugs all over the place, and he asked himself, “How can I make things a little bit easier, and stick it to the man at the same time?” The answer was the Lowryder genetics, focusing on packing as much punch as possible into the most discreet Cannabis Seeds in the business. These puppies can fit in just about any space you can imagine, making is perfect for a stealth operation in the tightest of places. Not that we would condone such a thing.

                The Joint Doctor offers his seeds to you in both feminized and regular Auto-flowering types, one of the few that actually offer both forms. This is because he is secure with his genetics, all these Seeds are 100% stable with a proven track record. All seeds are guaranteed to grow quickly and on time, that’s the Joint Doctor’s bag, man. It’s taken years to perfect but the results are worth it. These are hailed as the best auto-flowering seeds of all time, and it’s no exaggeration. Check out the catalogue here at Ice Head Shop, we’ve got all the Joint Doctor’s latest strains and more for just frankly insanely cheap prices. Get your prescription filled from the Joint Doctor. 

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