Jordan of the Islands

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God's White Lightning Jordan of the Islands
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Home of stank dank that’ll throw you on the couch and give you that heavenly bliss only found in top-notch Medical Cannabis, Jordan of the Islands produces some potent Cannabis. Only the finest connoisseur grade Cannabis is found through these guys, located on the beautiful Vancouver Island which has been blessed with the finest conditions out there for growing our favorite crop. They’ve been at it for over 20 years now, and they still strive for their original goal: To create the most out of this world original, flavorful, powerful, and top-yielding Marijuana to date.

Jordan of the Islands got its biggest boost in popularity when Jordan’s own God Bud strain first hit the scene. This is the basis of all their new strains as it is sticky to the max and produces massive amounts of Cannabis. Once it was out in the public is immediately won best Indica at the Cannabis Cup as well as numerous other awards all around Canada. Jordan stumbled upon gold with this beauty and has fallen in love with it all over again by breeding it with all kind of other strains from around the world, creating truly unique new cross-breeds the likes of which mankind has never seen before.

Jordan of the Island is the sole proprietor of the original, and finest God Bud Phenotype. No one else out there can even compete, this strain is his baby and he treats it with the respect it deserves. If you’re looking for a full-body relaxation coma only found within the best of the best Indica strains, except no substitutions for Jordan’s God Bud. This amped up purple skunk is so good, it was named after what people would shout after hitting it, “Oh God!” Get you some God Bud here at the Ice Head Shop, you’re going to love it.