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Lock and load, friends. These authentic Kannabia Seeds are potent as all get-out. Every single one of these Cannabis Seeds are distinct from the last, due to their process of incorporating feedback from their loyal customer base into every new batch constantly improving their already stellar weed seeds. Each Cannabis Phenotype here has had years poured into them, researching and ever increasing the stability and potency every time a new one pops up. Not many companies can compete with breeders that pour their heart and soul into every one of their strains.

  • The Customer is Always Right! Testing and Feedback are used to Improve Every Batch
  • Proprietary Distinct Protective Packaging
  • Fully Tested and Stabilized for Unbeatable Quality

Their original mission was to create top-of-the-line feminized seeds without sacrificing their quality genes and bringing them to Europe. But, upon completing this task with flying colors they soon set their sights on an even more difficult goal, the best automatic hybrids on the market. The Max Auto collection is the result, huge yields and some of the fastest growing strains on the market with some Sativas having only a 55 day flowering time. You can basically see the things growing!

They’ve branched out once again with a new Medical Marijuana line of high-CBD seeds that might not get you stoned like the others, but you’ll get a nice dose of pain killing relaxation for the ultimate in stress-relief. No self-respecting fan of the ganj could avoid browsing this incredible line-up we’ve got for you at the Ice Head Shop. Unbeatable prices every day of the week with lightning quick shipping to anywhere in the world. Get your seeds from the cool cats here watching your back.

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