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Seriously Potent Old School Genetics are available through Kiwi Seeds. They’ve got a huge selection of South Pacific Strains that are hard to find elsewhere, with the experience and amazing breeders needed to ensure absolutely class in all aspects of the plant. Kiwi Seeds kicks a lot of a**, they’ve brought back some seriously awesome strains into the main stream and we got the hook up on their full line at the Ice Head Shop. Well worth checking out if you’re trying to get some classic strains that just aren’t available outside of a South Pacific breeder like Kiwi Seeds.

  • Old School Genetics from the South Pacific and New Zealand
  • Full Lines of Auto Flowering, Regular, and Feminized Seeds
  • Multiple Cannabis Cup Wins

Back in 2002, basically the dawn of the Golden Age of Cannabis we’re all enjoying today, these guys at Kiwi Seeds saw a serious decline in some of their favorite strains they grew up with in New Zealand. They set out to preserve these cultural heirlooms to the best of their ability and have been growing their brand ever since. Most of these plants are Sativa based, fast growing, and incredibly tall with monster yields and serious potency to boot. A lot of the world’s greatest Strains came out of this region such as “Coramandel Gold” and “Tepuke Thunder” and we’re lucky to have these awesome guys at Kiwi Seeds to keep the legacy alive.

The aspiring Cannabis Seed collector just can’t say no to having one of these pups in their cabinet. Kiwi Seeds is dealing in the stuff of legends, for sure, and we all get to reap the rewards of their hard work. Get heirloom South Pacific Cannabis Seeds at these rock-bottom prices right here at Ice Head Shop. We’re not messin’ around, we got the goods.

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